Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

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I'm knew to wonderful Wednesday but here goes. I spent some time with my 9 month old twin cousins Autumn and Rayne, over the weekend. It's nice how surrounding yourself with children can totally change your outlook on the day. sometimes for the good sometimes for the bad, but this was a good time. I love watching the amazement in their face when they see someone new or find something new. I was new to them and while they were slightly standoffish in the beginning. when i whipped out that camera, i was their best friend.
We don't know her, get behind me I'll save ya sis!

Deer in the headlights

My world is shiny and new

Call mom, we totally need another play date soon.


Rachel said...

awww. so cute!

p.s Noah is available any time in case you feel the urge to watch more babies. ;)

angie said...

They are adorable. I especially love that first picture. AND, I'm so glad you played along today!

mommaof4wife2r said...

they are sooo stinking cute! and obviously love the camera!