Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Special me Sunday

Sometimes I'm not sure what to blog about. When nothing exciting happens or I don't feel like I've done anything note worthy I'm at a lose for text. I've decided to try something new from now on. Sunday will be the day I blog about something I love/like. Something that makes me...well yours truly. Sunday, I now dub thy Super Special me Sunday. I make no promises people, I'm really a rather dull person, that I will be able to carry this on for long. But here goes.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I'm sort a of a nut job. I have a few screws lose. I'm "different" (not in the bad way but also not in a super great way). I have shall we say a bit of a strange obsession for a 27-year old girl. I love M&M figures. I love anything M&M like. It's sick. No really, not cute, sick! I have a ton of dispensers. I have a ton of figures, cookie jars, utensil holders, nightlight, clocks, frames, stuffed guys, you name it I've got it or have it marked on my list of things to buy when i hit the lotto. I'll have to post some pictures of my real stuff someday. Maybe next Sunday. For now google will supply my images. My favorite is Yellow. What can I say I have a soft spot for big goofy (I mean that in the nice cute way) guys. Ah. They make my heart melt. "Him" from Thursdays blog fits in this group of guys.

Red and Yellow. Aren't they a cute team. How could you not want to surround yourself with these guys. I love the commercials they do. so cool. Red is a little bosses like me. But Yellow is so lovable, I just want to eat him all up. Maybe that's where my love for big goofy guys came from. Wow hundreds of dollars and countless hours of therapy and I figured that one out here on blogger. WOW.
Do you remember the commercial with the parents sitting in their sons room looking at the poster and it's a poster of Green coming out of the water. I HAD THAT POSTER. for real. Had it until I moved a year ago and then i retired it to the trash can i believe. Huge props to Michelle for getting it for me from the printing company she worked for. SUPER gift!
Well now you know slightly more about me then you did when you woke up today. You must feel so fulfilled. I'm glad I could breath this small amount of enjoyment and pleasure into your life. Not I'm interested what do you like? What crazy things do you have. If you say Cherished teddies I'll puke all over my computer. I swear to god. upchuck on the monitor.


Mike said...

You should blog about things I like on Mondays...

La Pixie said...

I keep all of my empty Lucky You perfume bottles. I dont think there is anything therapy-worthy behind it. I just like the way they look. or Im too lazy to throw them away. whatever!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

I don't know what you like on Monday, any other day I could guess but Mondays are a tough day.