Thursday, November 13, 2008

Those darn high pitched voices

Maria Carey get the F out of my head ASAP! AHHHH. I've been singing her dopey love song all day. I'm a) no in love so not really feeling the love songs, b) not a huge MC fan to start with, c) thinking about banging my head into the wall to make the voice stop! HELP ME!

I'm a total sheep. I love reality TV. It's great. but I don't tend to watch big brother, or survivor anymore. I'm over those shows. I loved the Mole. but my heart pretty much belongs to any of the reality TV junk you can find on BRAVO! Project Runway, Real Housewives, Tim guns Style guide, and of course my all time favorite.....drum roll please Kevin......

I love that show! It's super great. Come on. You have to watch it. If you watch it you will also love it. The stuff they make, I can't even pronounce half of it. I wish I could do the stuff they can do. I'm lucky if I can boil water without much hassle. But there are other reasons I watch that show. One I'm madly in love with the head chef TOM Colicchio! OMG. He's hot. What can I say I'm a sucker for a bald, hot guy who can cook. Below is our engagement photo. I was have an off day.

My photo options were limited. Kinda creepy huh. I'm also a fan of Danny this season. Sorry I'm a suck for a big guy. Trust me. Plus the heavy long island accent doesn't hurt. Not sure whats up with the shaving. He's got some strange lines shaved into his face. But I like me a big goofy guy! and he cooks. AMEN!

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bernthis said...

okay, move over on that couch, I'm coming over and make sure you have the popcorn ready. I LOVE THE BRAVO CHANNEL. Whatever they show me, I will watch. Except those stupid Chevy Chase movies. Funny waaaayyy back then, not so much now, in fact, not at all, now LOL