Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everyone has a story

Can you feel it? Feel the anticipation in the air, the excitement brewing in those free Starbucks coffees? That’s the voting bug! So here’s my voting story.

At 8:15 a.m. I leapt out of bed and got dressed in my best voting outfit. A steelers hoodie (hoping their winning spirit might bleed off onto my voting machine), a pair of black yoga pants, and my sneakers, Yeah nothing but the best for election day. Iwalked down to my polling place ready to stand in line and let my voice be heard. I got down to the fire hall a little less then a block away from my apartment to find the parking lot full but no sign of a line. I figured maybe the line would be around the side of the building, but no. I wont lie this was a bit of a let down for me. I was all amped up to wait in line. I had prepared myself for the “idea of a line” and took a few extra patience pills. I couldn’t wait to rub elbows with my friendly neighborhood people and listen to the polite conversations. This did not happen. I walked right in provided my name and ID and then was ushered over to the machine where I cast my vote. All in all maybe a 5 minute process. The walk up and back took longer then the actual voting. A strange thing happen while I was there, the women with the stickers WOULDN’T let me put my own sticker on. She said some crap about how she had to place it on me and really WOULDN’T let me do it myself. As she moved closer with the sticker I backed up more. A little to close old lady, a little to close. Then she placed it on the collar of my hoodie, if there is such a thing, and I walked away thinking “how odd she was”. When I got back to my comfy apartment I settled down to watch the interesting coverage of Obama voting in Chicago, thanks to the TODAY show. OH BOY! Then they broke away to a few different cities and talked about the lines. I thought to myself, uhm? My place must suck. We must have the uncool polling place. those people are so luck, they ahve lines to stand in. Then the local news broke in to say that one of the polling places in our city had a 2 hour wait and that really ticked me off. I wanted to wait in line, I think because I wanted to see the large turnout. I wanted to be able to say, “Yeah I stood in line for 2 hours in the rain with no shoes to vote.” But instead what I’ll say is “It took 5 minutes and I was outtie”.

Since I was up early I did something I’m never up for, I made breakfast. I fried up some bacon. Yummy. And tried to make a pancake. Tried being the important word there. I am incapable of making pancakes. Who can’t make pancakes? This girl right here. I can bake you some great cookies, cupcakes, pies, and cakes; I can make really good meatloaf, beef stew, pork chops, and salad. But pancakes, no way. Fuck pancakes. I don’t really even like them that much, but I was fresh from the disappointment of the no line thing and thought bacon, pancakes, tea and the TODAY show would lift my spirits. The bacon was good the tea was refreshing and warm, the pancake SUCKED! It wouldn’t cook, it got really hard and biscuit like and tasted like water. YUCK! Not thrilled. After which I felt the need to wash the dishes to get rid of all traces of the pancake mishap. My pancake ended up in 3 different pieces, smashed and gross. Yuck.
So that was my morning. Voting, bacon and disappointment. Maybe the pancake could feel the pressure I was putting on it to TURN out for once and just couldn’t hack it. Way to suck at life pancake.


Kitty said...

Your voting story... JUST LIKE MINE! I heard horror stories all day so I raced over right after work all prepared... nada. No line, no nothin. I did, however, get to put my own sticker on. Buya

Rachel said...

5 minute wait for me too.

and I totally agree with you - fuck pancakes. (and other things that you can't microwave....) :P

Kelly said...

I will fess up I cannot make pancakes!