Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a twoffer! Two4Tuesday!

Darcie at http://cavedweller1019.blogspot.com/ tagged me. Thanks Darcie. And now you lucky people get to reap the benefits of that tag. Also make sure you check out my post from earlier today. funny stuff there. funny stuff.

5 things to do on my list
  1. Stock pile some money, like a squirrel preparing for winter.
  2. Clean my kitchen floor. for real clean with a mop and some water.
  3. find a part-time job to off set the cost of having my full time job.
  4. figure out how I'll manage Christmas this year.
  5. eat some cake. Ahh come on there should be something good on the list.

5 things i like to snack on

  1. Anything ice cream or ice cream related. Except original ice cream cones, not a huge fan.
  2. Olives, i can eat a whole jar in one sitting.
  3. chips and dip
  4. combos
  5. cheese chunks

5 things I would do if i was a millionaire

  1. Buy myself a really nice house at the beach and one in the mountains and one near here.
  2. set up trust funds for my family (the kids) Jimmy, David, Jessica, Rebecca, Kanyon, Autumn and Rayne. I have it all planned out I would put 1-2 million dollars aside for them which they couldn't touch until they have completed some type of post high school schooling. Be it trade school, college, beauty school, I don't care. I would pay for them to attend ANY school they wanted to reach this goal. I would also provide them with all necessary money. That does not mean I would buy them expensive cars, clothes, or electronics. I would however make sure they needed nothing. They might want shit, but they wouldn't need for anything. After they had finished this schooling on their 25th birthday they would receive the money. I think that's fair. If they don't go to school their money is donated to a charity in there name.
  3. I would send my parents on the best vacation ever because they rock!
  4. I would take all my friends on an awesome trip someplace fun for a month.
  5. I would buy a jet ski. I'm a simple girl

5 places I have lived

  1. york, pa
  2. slippery rock, pa
  3. york, pa
  4. n/a
  5. n/a

5 jobs I've had

  1. cashier at Weis Markets
  2. fashion consultant at Dress Barn
  3. housekeeper at Country Inn and Suites
  4. dietary worker at York County Nursing home
  5. Obit clerk for York Newspaper Company

5 people I'm tagging

  1. Becky, she cracks me up with her pre-school kid stories http://smileitsbecky.blogspot.com/
  2. Rachel, even though she wont be around for awhile her blog is cool http://sippycupchardonnay.blogspot.com/
  3. Kitty, because in real life (life outside blogging) she is my BFF, http://norwegianrefugee.blogspot.com/
  4. La Pixie, because I like reading her blog http://chroll.blogspot.com/
  5. Diane, because she always leaves me nice comments on Thursday and her stories are funny http://dianesaddledramblings.blogspot.com/

So there you have it. enjoy! Have you noticed I have some link trouble. Well I don't know how to make it just link by the persons name. I know how on myspace but not on here. Help this poor technology challenged girl out please!

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La Pixie said...

awww, thanks for tagging me.

Girl, everyone I know is trying to squirrel away some money. I bought a total of ONE Christmas gift, because I couldnt really afford more, especially since I would like a new car in a few months.

what was working as a fashion consultant like? give me the low-down!!