Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have a nice Blue 2003 Saturn Vue. It's very nice. i love my car, but when i purchased Saturn's take on an SUV the gas wasn't quite as out of control as it is now. Or as it was until recently. I'm not sure how long this good fortune will last. If I had to guess I would say maybe a few days and then it'll sky rocket back up to $4 a gallon. but for now I will REJOICE in this wonderful low prices. I can't even tell you the last time it cost under $40 to fill my tank. See I have the bad habit of letting it get really low. low as in the gas light comes on. blinks furiously and then my car sputters into the gas station. it's not so much a habit as I'm usually to poor to buy gas unless it's pay week. Trust me it's hard to get my little Vue to roll around town for two weeks on one tank of gas. but I've done it.

So i gassed up today at Rutter's and filled my whole tank for $27. $27 I literally jumped for joy at the pump. Gas was $2.15 a gallon. here's my receipt to prove it! For those of you who don't have Rutter's in your area I'm so sorry for you. But it is a York County/Lancaster County thing here in the great Commonwealth of PA. Think of Rutter's as a Wawa, Sheetz, and a much cleaner version of 7/11. I know you must be rolling in envy right now. this day is starting off well for me. THANK YOU RUTTERS! I hope it comes down some more until at least after Thanksgiving as I'm planning a trip and have budgeted $30 out of my pay this week to put towards my gas fund. Cross your fingers.
So the ladies at work and myself are doing a secret Santa for Christmas. they asked me the other week if I wanted to participate and i said sure. I love giving gifts and getting them so why not. I can budget $10-15 for the work exchange. i like these ladies. fun times. I didn't participate last year because I was new and still didn't know to many people, now I know the ladies well so I was all for it. When i get here today I found an envelope taped to my desk that reads "McMean's Secret Santa Name". I said Jeez I didn't even get to pick my own name. they said they picked earlier so someone pulled for me. what a rip off I say but OK I'll deal. then I find out that the person who pulled for checked to make sure she hadn't pulled my name, makes sense. However she did pull her name and now she knows I have her! FANTASTIC! so not only did i not get to pull my own person, but the person I have knows I have her! wont she be surprised when i give her a bag of flaming dog poop. LOL. Oh well.

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La Pixie said...

but... but... pulling a name and keeping it a secret is the whole fun of Secret Santas!!

RIP OFF!! lol