Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Gobble Gobble yourself someplace else

Since I'm an insanely awesome daughter I have logging plenty of hours at my parents house over the last month (not just watching their cable and eating their food) helping them redo 2 rooms before Thanksgiving. Yes that's right 2 rooms. What can I say they dream big. Let's redo the Dinning room (aside from the kitchen it's the most important room for a holiday dinner) and the living room. Great. Because that wont add even more stress onto our plates, (haha plates, I slay me). So First we stripped the wallpaper off the walls int he dinning room. That in a word. Sucked! in two words ROYALLY SUCKED! Note to self never buy a house with wallpaper and NEVER put up wallpaper. I will slap myself in the face if I ever do those two things. then we had to paint. Put up a new light. Put up the chair rail. Bang our heads into the wall a few times. Because yes we did it all ourselves. why not. what could be the downside there. But on top of this we were ripping the carpet out of the living room, moving all the old stuff out and making room for the new furniture. Packing up all my mom's knickknacks (ie. junk) and packing it away in the basement, I voted for trashing everything but that's not how my family rolls. Yeah good times. My favorite was the carpet.

We had to cut the carpet into strips for the pick ass trash man. So picture this. I'm feverishly cutting the carpet and moving the furniture around, because true to life it's rainy and we can't move the stuff outside to rip the carpet up we just have to move it around the room. That makes things so much easier. Thanks mother nature. I'm on my knees using some crappy scissors that jammed up after each cut. Stupid carpet. Stupid scissors. Stupid remodeling before holidays. Stupid. At one point I yelled at my mother, I'm sure I used a few choice words of encouragement towards the carpet, and a few in my head towards her. When i finished the last cut, my hand throbbing from the blister that formed and busted open during this fun endeavor, I threw the scissors on to the pile of carpet stood up and shouted "You can't beat me CARPET you can't beat me! Now what? Not so tough now huh you stupid pile of carpet!" My mom just looked at me with complete bewilderment. I showed that carpet.

So. Oh boy. It's thanksgiving. Joy of Joy. I'm not big on the family dinners. Yeah I like my family. Oh aren't they swell. I just don't like the uncomfortable gathering around the table when you know 5 out of the 7 people don't really want those two strays there. Look I love my grandmother and aunt as much as I do any other person I'm obligated to love. But they ruin dinner EVERY YEAR. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ruin to the point I don't really care to attend. I'd rather sit at home and eat chips then go to these dinners. In my defense I've always felt this way. I don't understand the need to completely stress out over an event and ruin the good time. My mom cooks EVERY year. My mom buys all the food. My mom and dad get up early and start the cooking. My mom and dad host it. I get stuck cleaning up EVERY YEAR! now I know it's petty to say I'm not going because I don't want to do the dishes. But I'm not going because I don't want to do the dishes. Maybe this will help you understand. My aunt is in her 50's she lives at home with my grandmother, not because my grandmother needs help (well she does now, but this didn't start out that way) but because my aunt just can't work because working is to hard on her. To stressful and she's to lazy and has let herself get up to 300 lbs., so it's just to much for her to work. She hasn't worked since I was in high school. She doesn't do anything but sit around and mooch off my grandmother. And then has the nerve to say "Welcome to the real world" to me when i complain about paying rent, insurance, car payments, basically when i talk about my bills. She has NO bills. She pays NOTHING. My grandmother bought her a car and paid it off. My aunt does nothing, she contributes nothing to society and it pisses me off. It pisses my mom,my brother and my dad off. My grandmother just gets in the way. She either tries to do to much and gets in the way or doesn't get enough attention so we end up with a trip to the hospital so she feels noticed. I'm not joking this is my holiday. My dad is always on edge because he's mad we have to do everything and they expect us to send tons of leftovers home with them. I hate it. It's never fun. They chew with their mouths open. My aunt always looks like she just climbed out of a dumpster. I don't want to go. Lucky for me my job is a 365 day job. Someone must be here everyday. So I'm he lucky girl working Thanksgiving. There must be a god. I told them to eat without me, i told them to have a fun time. And i told them to find someone else to wash their dishes! So why everyone is raving about their short week mine actually got longer.

Not only do I work the holiday but I'm working Friday also, because I'm dumb and said I would cover for someone who in turn WILL NOT cover for me the next two Sundays. FANTASTIC love the team work. Not only do I have to work my day off but not I'm not leaving to see my family (i want to see them) until Friday afternoon. Missing out on a whole day. Whatever. Lucky for me one of my other co-workers offered to work Sunday so I wont have to rush home (it's a 4 hour drive) and I'm using my last two vacation days in Dec. But I'll miss my friends Body Shop party on the 7th. so is life.


Kitty said...

remember when Sonny said he could fix the bathroom by himself?? what could POSSIBLY go wrong????

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

LOL. As I wrote this yesterday I thought "I bet Kitty says something about the bathroom"