Monday, November 10, 2008

Pardon me?

Pardon me? Did I just really hear that? Has that ever happen to you. You hear something or think you heard something but you just can't be sure. You think no way did someone REALLY just say that. No way did I just hear what I thought I heard. If you're lucky someone else is there someone else who has that same inquisitive look on their face. Someone who is also thinking, Did I just hear that. I love those times. I love the strange moments in life. And today I had one of those moments. Today was one of those "did I just hear that" moments. Picture this.

I'm sitting at work typing away minding my own business. Or at least trying to. When all of the sudden I hear one of our political reporters talking on the phone. He talks loud and he's on his cell phone walking around so I can't help but hear him. So I'm typing (type type type type) then I hear this, "Yes we are noticing that there has been a drastic jump in gun sales in preparation for Inauguration Day, it seems people are concerned with ........ (and he's gone). I stop typing mid stroke. WTF? Did I just really hear that? Lucky for me Liz, one of the graphic artist, happen to be walking by at the same time and stopped mid step and we both just looked at each other. Her first words were" did he really just," and I said YUP! WOW. the things you hear in a newsroom.

It reminded me of the time Kitty and I heard the R. Kelly song where he says, "I like the girls that keep the dick up in them." Here we are driving out of the condo parking lot at the beach and we both just do that "Hum did he just say" yeah I think he said that" WHOA! For someone who was fighting a sex with minors battle at the time that seemed like really bad PR for him.

So that was my "did he just say that moment" today. Fun fun.

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