Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inside my Space

I've been really bad about blogging lately. Mainly because I've found that at 150 post I don't have much left to say. Nothing is happening in my life, and I'm awfully busy here at work. Unfortunately they do require me to work while I'm here not just blog and cruise the Internet. The nerve of some people. But have no fear. I'm not saying my goodbyes. I'm saying my "sorry" if you have been forced to read my lame and boring posts as of late. I'll try harder from now on.

I decided to take some pictures of my desk area for your enjoyment. I know I can feel the excitement in your mouse click. Below are some interesting things I have "acquired"
This is "Rat dude". He looks slightly like Hitler Rat in this picture, but I promise that he has no known hatred toward Jewish rats. Rat dude found his way to my desk via my pal Moma Bear. MB grabs breakfast at Mickey D's everyday and found this in with her sausage biscuit. Apparently someone thought it would be good to hand out happy meal toys with breakfast. So thank you kind sir.

This is my "decorated" computer. Let me introduce you to my friends. Let's see. clockwise from the bottom left is part of the box my Smart Ass Calender from MB came in. Next we have my nephews picture from the Valentines kid thing I put in the paper for him. I'm so cool. Next we have part of the cranium calender box MB got me 2 years ago. The pink guy is Lovie the Love Lizard. I won him at some carnival in the middle of nowhere which is a story for another day. But he is my inspiration for when I do engagement announcements. He has a cig he smokes that MB rolled out of paper. (we have time on our hands). Next is my Steelers love! Followed by lastly WWMD? What does that mean? Well thanks for asking. It stands for What Would Marie Do. Marie is the person they fired right before giving em her job. After she left she mailed in "revisions" to my celebrations pages marked in red to my BOSS! She's a jerk. WWMD is a joke on her. Because that's how I rollAnd last but not least this is my memo board. I like to put things on their that make me snicker. Funny cartoons from the paper, random photos (printed to scale for the paper) left behind from obits that kind of stuff. So here is what my desk area looks like for the most part. There are a few things missing from the photos. Namely the desk. But also the phone and my pac man picture, our hearse photo and me and the nephew cheesing for a photo. But you get the gist.


Diane said...

Man, that Marie is a witch! No wonder they fired her!

Cathy said...

Hey You! Good Morning! Don't feel bad about the post thing. Right when and what you feel. I love the desk. I have next to nothing on mine. The blind people are always knocking things over. Not really kidding there but I love them. Still waiting for the apron pic. You could wear it for the shower and be hostess with the mostest!

Sam_I_am said...

Don't worry, we all get into blog slumps. I'm running out of material too. I should take a pic of the frog I made at GS that is on my desk. Keep writing! :-) Go Steelers!