Monday, March 30, 2009

A.C. (even)MOORE!

So over the last 2 to 3 months I have become a bit of an AC Moore FANATIC! I love that places. Trust me. If i was popping a kid out anytime soon AC Moore would more then likely top the list of possible names. Come on that places is so much fun. I love the selection of baking/candy making/ awesome shit they have. It has proven very handy. I REALLY wanted to take the cupcake decorating class and I want to buy those awesome designed mats for rolling out fondant on that leaves the really cool designs, any I don't even like fondant. But they look so freaking cool! Or the GINORMOUS cupcake pan, or the little cupcake pans, those are cool.

And all the scrap booking paper, and stickers, and shit. It's great. FYI~ Scrapjazz is a mega scrap booking website store. I googled it. :)

I love the holiday decorations. Ahh I yearn to be a domestic diva!

So while at AC Moore today I learned of something new they are doing. the AC Moore REWARDS CARD! Yes my dear friends. Now I can earn points to get coupons off! The girl said it's like a bonus card for the grocery store only cooler. I added that last part. AHHH where was this card last month when i was buying all the stuff for Preggers scrapbook? Where was this card when I bought all the icing for my cookies? I can tell you were said card is now. In my wallet! So far I've earned 1 point as I only spent a buck on ribbon for Preggers favors.
Oh how exciting!
I ordered 2 books from Amazon over the weekend. I'm so tired of the overpriced junk at Borders. I've been checking for the books i want but they never have them so I opted to give Amazon a go. I've never ordered anything from there but it was pretty easy. I'm not the most tech savvy person so ordering things online ALWAYS makes me nervous. They should be here by Friday. I want them NOW! I'm one of the most impatient people I know. Sometimes I can't even wait for the web site to load before i want to throw the computer across the room. HUm? Maybe it's more of a rage issue.
I've been a fan of Augusten Burroughs since I read Running with Scissors. I've read, Sellevision, Dry, Possible Side Effects and now A Wolf at the Dinner Table. (that's the one I' waiting for. I also ordered a book by Peter Hamill. A Drinking Life. It's his memoir. I'm interested to learn more about the man who penned Forever, Snow in August, and North River, all books I enjoyed. So I'll let you know how that goes. I almost bought, the God Delusion but I'm holding off for a moment on that one.


Diane said...

We don't have AC Moore (though I've been there) but we have Michaels, which is pretty much the same thing. I've gone through periods of craft store-addiction, so I know of what you speak. It's dangerous (and by 'dangerous' I mean 'friggin' expensive').

Oh, and Amazon rocks :)

Joanie said...

We don't have AC Moore close to where I live but I love that place. I wish I know about the rewards cards long time ago, especially when I was preparing for my wedding. I would probably have a ton of points.

Cathy said...

I used to take the kids to their free craft workshops but they got too rowdy. Well, the triplets did. Now I take the trips to Lowes and build crap like bird houses. Let Lowes deal with them and hammers! A C Moore is quite awesome. Love it! The big girls go nuts in there.

Cathy said...

Hey you! If I had known about the cake auction I'd have been at A C Moore and made one hell of a cake! I couldn't bid on our cake. So not fair. The teepee idea is great! Thank you!!!