Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flour power

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So I had lunch with my little cousins (7 year old twins ) and their mother on Friday. They took me to Olive Garden for an early birthday lunch (as my birthday is April 14). How nice.
This is the photo frame they gave me. Followed by some flowers. How cute. this is the first time I've gotten flowers in 4 years? 5 years? It's been awhile.
ahhh pretty flowers. Thanks girls! Funny thing, this must be the week of flowers. My grandmother brought everyone Lillies today when we had Easter dinner. Yes a day ahead of the norm. And we did it cookout style it was great! I loved it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!!!!

Melissa said...

Aww, that's sweet!! And, we are both Aries, girl (my b-day is the 16th)... that must be why we "click"!! :)