Sunday, April 12, 2009

To bad the bunny wasn't there

First and foremost.And that's how I feel about that.

I'm not an Easter bunny hater but I thought this was funny. I would think it's because he really doesn't like toting around all those baskets full of chocolate hims. But I could be wrong. I mean personally I would love for people to want to and be encouraged to chomp down on my likeness. That's not weird in the slightest. I mean nobody pushes eatting Santa? Whats up with that?

Every year I tell my mom, "Please tell the Easter Bunny I don't need or want all that candy, I'll be in a chocolate coma for weeks." and every year with out fail that Damn Easter Bunny brings me a basket of CANDY. You know what PAL, thanks but no thanks. I'm working out I'm exercising I'm running/ walking (heavy on the walking) and what do you contribute to my motivation CADBURY CREAM EGGS! What a pal. Thanks.

I went to the bar last night. I received a phone call from Big Brother with his gf yelling in the background about coming tot he bar, they were having a Secret Treasures party, and I should come. Great. Because what goes better in a bar with a bunch of guys who are already hitting on anything with boobs, dildos and sex lube. What could go wrong here. I'll tell you. Mr. Ship that's what. Yepper-a-roo. Mr. Ship was there when I got there and he was there when I left...alone. We talked a few times. Mostly how do you does and about the weather. There was that brief moment when I said goodbye and asked if he wanted to leave also. He politely declined, while he starred intently into my eyes and rubbed my back. WTF? Whatever.


Cathy said...

Just be glad you got out alive sweetie. That does not sound like a good setup.
I didn't get candy! I'll be buying my own I guess :(

Sam_I_am said...

This was the first year the Easter Bunny didn't leave any candy at all. Instead, he left cash which is earmarked for wedding expenses. Thank you, Ms. EB!

I did go and buy myself ONE Cadbury Egg, because they are amazing.