Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Memories, wonderful Memories (insert sappy music here)

I haven't done a Mama Kat writing assignment in AGES. I just haven't felt very motivated by anything. all good topics, just not anything to pertained to me. I guess I could approach them more creatively when that happens and not take them so literally. This week I choose Prompt #3

3.) Why won't you forget? List six true sentences that begin with the words 'I'll never forget...' Then use all six of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.


So here goes.

I'll never forget that night. Finally I was 21, legal. I'll never forget how exciting it was piling into Jimmy's truck with the gang and heading out on my first (LEGAL) bar trip. Stepping through the door into the dark bar and handing over my I.D. with confidence. Dylan's was dark (insert seedy here) the music was pumping and we had already made 1 other stop. I remember pounding shots at the bar and downing beers. I'll never forget piling back into Jimmy's truck and singing and pounding the back of the drivers seat, yelling, "Let's go back! I want to go see hottie again (his friend the bouncer). But we had other bars to visit and off we went into the night a truck full of drunk people (minus our DD Jimmy). Us 3 girls in the back and Big Brother and Jimmy in the front. We stopped at another bar (whose name has changed 4 times since that night, it was more "clubby" than the others) but didn't stay long. and off we went BACK to Dylans. I'll never forget admittedly denying I was drunk after I fell flat on my face leaving Dylans. Somehow, as we always do, we ended up at Denny's. This part I'll ALWAYS forget as I don't remember much past getting in the truck. I was drunk. I fell asleep at the table and my friends boxed my food up and brought it home with me. I'll never forget that part of the story because they remind me every time we go to Denny's. All in all the night was a hit and we've shared many a nights like this in the last 6 years. and I'll never forget any of them.

So thats what I'll never forget. what are you writing about?


Diane said...

I'd like to say I'll never forget my 21st... but since it consisted of as much alchohol as yours, I have trouble remembering it... :)

Melissa said...

ugggh, i bet you didn't feel too well the next morning, huh??
My 21st birthday, I was pregnant with my 1st, fun... but I did go out; and I did buy alcohol... just didn't get to drink it!!

K said...

Pretty amazing that story includes 6 "I'll never forgets..." :-) I knew there would be an "I'll ALWAYS forget..." somewhere...

Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by.

Lacey said...

I don't remember much about my 21st birthday, but from what I've HEARD, I had a blast. :-)

And what is it with Denny's? That has got to be the strangest place to work the night shift, considering I'm pretty sure every drunken person in the world ends up there after the bars close, haha.

sherri said...

My 21st I was married with a child so it was uneventful- a nice dinner and a movie (yawn).

I did a lot of the twenty- one year old stuff at a Much younger age!

(shame on me!)

What am i writing about?
I chose her what's for dinner? prompt on my food blog.

La Pixie said...

my 21st was normal. nothing crazy like that!

I havent done my assignment from Mama Kat in ages!!!

Stacey said...

My 21st first was forgettable, since our legal drinking age was 19. Yours sounds quite exciting- contradictory to your blog heading "my meager and uneventful life". Time to change that!


Amy said...

thanks for stopping by ( i didn't mean to make you cry ) and leaving a comment you helped to make my day. My 21st seems like a lifetime ago!