Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good and the Bad

I bought all the supplies, plates, napkins, cups, things to eat with, and decorations for Preggers Baby shower! super exciting. I've also uploaded some photos which I'll be sharing with you this week. Yes dear friends I have Apron Photos! Here's the 411 on the photos. I don't have Internet access at home. Yes I'm aware we've come out of the stone age. I have not. So I have to take my camera over to Deaksters house where he so kindly allows me to upload my stuff on his computer. Which I'm about 99% positive I broke today. So that's why it's taken so long. I'm dumb and kept forgetting to take it with me. Ugh. I hate that. So I did that this weekend. I also left said camera at his house and it now has some very flattering pictures of his dog, Deakster giving me the finger and dog poop. thanks!

So here's the plates i bought!

See the invites had a train on them so when i saw this i thought JACKPOT! The decorations all have the same patterns and colors. They are pretty cute.

Here are the awesome M&M's I had made for the favors.

Yes My friends That is Preggers face on some M&M's. They also Congrats Pam (her christian name), Baby on Board and Mom to Be.

The BAD~

They laid off 3 people in the advertising department here at the Newspaper. I was very sad to hear about that. this kind of news is very unsettling. Makes you stop and take stock of how expendable you are. I'm concerned. Could they do obits with only 2 people instead of 3...yes. Would it involve a completely different schedule. Yes. Will they go that route if Classified decides to let someone go.....I don't know. And that makes me sick to my stomach. Very sick. Maybe hiring all those new people when they announced the furlough shit wasn't the WORLDS GREATEST IDEA. Fun thing. They are still hiring people. Explain that to me please?


Cathy said...

Love the plates! Does Preggers mind being called Preggers and does she mind the thought of everyone eating her head? Just kidding. This is from the woman who's girl friend put little plastic babies all over her shower cake that looked like fetuses and invited a stripper. My pal is a bit crazy but we had a blast. I'll pray for you and your job. I know you must be very worried. I' glad I'm in alright shape as far as my job. They couldn't find anyone else to accept the pittance they pay with no health insurance or anything else. Nada. Our perks are working for the Big Guy in Heaven. Anyway, I like the MMs. I wish they'd had those years ago when I had Hannah cause I ate them like crazy and it would have been a cool to eat some with my face on them.

Diane said...

Decorations and M&Ms are too cute! Job stuff is worrying... fingers crossed things will stay as they are.