Sunday, April 26, 2009


That's the feel for my life. One big DO OVER. But unlike kickball I'm not going to get a fourth roll, so I'm going to try my best to do better.

How was my trip to Philly yesterday, you maybe asking. It was GREAT. Preggers and I had great weather to make the drive and everything went great with the car (as in it made it to Philly, past this trip I would suggest putting it out to pasture). We stopped at her moms house to potty and refresh before making our way to the car dealer. When i said we had great weather I meant it was REALLY warm in the sable without the air on. so maybe what I meant to say I was SWEATING like a........SWEATY person.

I've never been with someone when they bought a car NEW or USED that the paperwork said PAID IN FULL. WOW. I guess that's what you do with left over college money when you don't plan on going back. Preggers used some of her college money to purchase the car, now before anyone gets all Bent out of Shape. She's paying it all back in full to her college fund for her son. This way she repays the money but not to a bank or to a loan shark, who will break her knee caps and repo the car. She's paying in back to herself...well back to Baby McGuier, (c/o of her parents) so it'll be repaid in full. That's the kind of girl Preggers is. I thought it was a great decision see how she NEEDED a reliable car and will be off work for 3 months after having the baby. Paying herself back is much less stressful then paying Bob's First National Bank of Sharks, back.

then we had some yummy dinner with her family. What did we have? Thanks for asking....drum roll please.(bbbabamabambambam) CHEESE STEAKS! Hello McFly we were in PHILLY! When in Philly do as the natives (lol). It was so yummy. I got mine American without. They have a very matter of fact way to order. Step up to the window marked ORDER STEAKS and say in my case American without. Or Whiz without. depending on the cheese you want. If you want onions and peppers you say (cheese type) with. I don't know what you do if you just don't want onions or peppers. It was scary i did not ask. But it was SUPER tasty.

But mine had American Cheese on it and pickles. YUM-A-ROO!

Some of you may remember my "eating better plan" uhm...... yeah this is where the DO OVER comes into play. I HAD to have the STEAK. Come on people. When will i be in Philly again. I went for it. Could you please roll the ball again with a little less bounce in it this time pal. PLEASE!

I tried to make up for it today by eating this.

If you only understood how much I HATE Iceberg lettuce. But I got it on my sandwich and it wasn't to bad. Plus mine was on wheat bread, with lite mayo. Small steps people small steps. I bought some Romano lettuce for salads this week. Is it wrong to say that I REALLY want to lose weight to not only feel better but to look HOTT to make Mr. Ship SORRY. It's only natural right? I would say it's a 60/40 split right now. But I have a ways to go.


Diane said...

Nothing wrong with wanting to look HOTT to make anyone sorry... that sort of satisfaction can carry you for a while. Just so long as the 'want to be healthy' thing plays a part, too :)

Melissa said...

Oh, its ok honey...a little "cheat" every once in a while is "healthy"!! :)

Michelle said...

We do not eat iceburg lettuce here...if you try to feed a hamster nothing but iceburg, it dies.

Your comment was hilarious on my WW post. thanks for visiting!

I'm going to read yours...I didnt have a chance on friday to visit many. I can see you are funny...and i LOVE the funny ones.