Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yummy in my tummy

My parents stumbled onto the Angel Food Ministries information and have been ordering food from them for 3 months or so now. If you don't know about them you have to check it out. Especially now when times are so tough for so many of us. It's not something you have to qualify for. Their motto is "If you eat, you qualify". Anyone can order food from the site or a local church and pick it up. and the people are very nice. Look I'm not pushing church. I'm not a church going gal and I'm not huge on the whole organized religion or religion in general to be honest. But the price is right and I can put on a smile, while feeling slightly uncomfortable, one Saturday a month when i pick my food up from the nice, god fearing christian, people. Thankfully, my parents have offered to order things for my brother and I each month. I have more non-deer meat in my freezer then I've had in years. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good deer steak as much as the next but it's nice to have something other then deer in my meatloaf. When i moved into my apartment my cousin graciously filled my freezer with deer meat that his family didn't need. He's kinda of a big hunter and made out really great that year so I've had plenty and filled up a few extra times. But last season wasn't so great so Angel food came around at the right time for me. So below are some pictures of March's basket.

This was the regular box for March. I don't eat Pinto beans but maybe someday.

Just about everything in here is from Angel food. See it's just me so it takes me MUCH longer to eat all the meat, and veggies. My brother goes through his food in a week or 2 I have steak from the first time (Feb). Like the dog picture my nephew colored me?

Yes dear friends that is ice in my freezer. I live in the stone age. No Internet at home, no cable, and a fridge that doesn't de-ice it's self. Livin' LARGE! Oh I forgot to carry in the water for my bath! Dang it.


La Pixie said...

Ive never heard of them, but that sounds like a really good idea.

Cathy said...

My mom told me about them back in November. I guess they are pretty big in the South. She orders for my dad as he is not good in a grocery or even cooking any more. I thnk it's a wonderful organization.

Melissa said...

WOW... what a great orginaztion... I've never heard of it, but I know lots of people who could benefit from that!!!

Diane said...

The bath water comment made me snort... you should've warned me it was coming. I wasn't ready for it and Diet Pepsi coming through the nose hurts!

Melissa said...

Yes woman.... I am also an Aries...April 16th!! When is your b-day??