Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Send out the Blogger Sign

OK Dear bloggy friends I'm in need of your help. I tried to make the "Blogger" (symbol that slightly drunk looking B inside a square) to tape over a light and flash into the sky (Batman style) but I ran into all kinds of problems. Mainly copyright laws, and lighting stipulations, so I opted to seek your advice right here. On our medium (I love that show, COMPLETELY irrelevant). So I've been working out as much as I can lately and trying (not really) to eat "better" i.e. no chips and Salas (except during TV hours) and no deep friend anything (unless it has buffalo sauce on it). I'm working on it. don't judge me. Self control isn't my specialty (Mr. Ship will attest to that). Here is the help/advice I seek from the all wise and knowing Blogger friends I've made on here. I have no idea what to eat during the day for lunch and what not. While watching the Today Show, today (I always hate how that sounds) they showed stuff you should eat for lunch. I've already forgotten what they showed. Obviously I was paying close attention (i.e. stuffing my face with a Colby and pickle grilled cheese sandwich, which was NOT on the list) but somehow managed to miss this.

Here's the thing. I weird. WEIRD. I'm sure you have picked up on this. I freely admit to it. I don't like breakfast. I know. I know. It's the most important meal of the day blah blah blah. Thanks for the health lesson. I just don't like the whole thing. the pancakes (which my Stove can't make to save it's life) waffles, bacon, eggs, toast (staleish bread) all that butter and syrup. UGH. I can't. I've never been a huge breakfast person, possibly because for years I didn't venture out much before 10 a.m. My breakfast is usually leftovers or a sandwich (grilled cheese). A granola bar on the way out or yogurt. Whatever. Sometimes Oatmeal. I'm learning to like it, much like eggs. So I usually skip breakfast. But I'm trying to not do that anymore. Now I'm up and at the gym by 8:30 a.m. so I usually grab something while I walk out the door. I don't go to work until 12:30 so I tend to eat something before work. and then I don't get home til 8:30 p.m. so I snack at work during the day but still need to eat a real dinner when i get home. AHHHHH.

You see my predicament. So here's what I need. Some suggestions about what to eat for lunch that will be filling AND healthy, and some dinner ideas. I tend to eat fruit, apple sauce and pudding at work during the day, I think I'm OK there. I just need some more variety. so if you have any ideas let me know. I'm not that picky of an eater (otherwise I wouldn't be in this situation) I just don't like turkey.

I'm doing well at the gym. I ran for 12 minutes today (not in a row, in 2 minute intervals). The crazy guy was there doing his crazy speed walking and then.......he RAN. I almost fainted. He can run. Not just crazy speed walk. He;s crazy.


La Pixie said...

salads without ranch are good. try a nice vinegrette. try wraps instead of sandwiches.

lots of fruit and veggies.

Sam_I_am said...

I found some interesting recipes on the Allie (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) website. If you get any good ones, let me know! I never eat breakfast either, unless you count the 800 calorie hotcakes meal from Mickey B's.

Melissa said...

Ok, so I have kind of been bad lately with my lunches too.... and I am trying to eat better too... so, how about I will get on the bus with you and we can do this together!!

A small salad w/ lots of fresh veggies and WITHOUT all the other toppings, with a lite dressing.
A turkey or ham sandwich WITHOUT mayo, with some lettuce and tomato and maybe some pretzels to go with it

Those are a couple things I would big thing would definitely be to stay away from fried!!!! GOOD LUCK, my friend!!