Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Milk chocolate rivers of candy magic!

I learned about this awesome give away and wanted to pass it on to you. I love the name of her blog, Hair Bows & Guitar Picks. That's great. You should swing by and check it out and maybe you'll get lucky. God knows I could stand to get lucky. Could I ever.

So my friend Soccermom was down from Buffalo last week for my birthday. I'm so awesome they came from far and wide to see me. while here we ventured to Hershey. Yes Hershey, PA the land of milk chocolate streams and kit kat bar roads. where it rains Hershey kisses and peppermint paddies grow on tress. A place that gives life to dreams of dancing candies and sugar people. It's a magical place. It's, dare I say, the sweetest place on earth. Off we go to visit Hershey and take the Chocolate World tour. If you haven't you should. If not for the great educational value the dancing cows bring you or the endless stream of fake coco beans, or the FREE candy at the end, do it for the song! I love the Hershey song. The real Hershey song, not this hopped up jazz version they are trying to pass off as the Hershey song (but that's a post for another day). So soccermom partook in her first Hershey's visit and I have NOTHING to show for it. this girl (me) who hardly leaves the house without her trust camerae (i swear that thing is jointed to my hand) forgot it. I blame the excitement that is chocolate world. I am so weak. So I don't have any pictures of us hugging life size Kit Kat's or pantsing the peppermint paddy. I have nothing. But I do have this fun photo from google!This is outside. See doesn't this make you want to break out into a dance number and end up jumping into a river of Milk chocolate while doing Jazz Hands. Come on!

Here is a picture (not of us) of the fun carts from the "tour" and i use that word loosely. It's not a REAL factory Tour. But it's fun! and you get to go into the Oven, or through the gates of hell (depends how you look at it). I'm aware that this picture looks slightly creepy with the faces "X" off, but I was trying to protect the identity of the people from the google photo (?). So that's what is new around here.


Diane said...

Now I want chocolate.

Thanks for that.

Cathy said...

My ex took our girls to Hershey last summer and they didn't like it! I told them they weren't mine and I needed to find my real children- the ones who loved chocolate! In the end, I blamed it on them being with him since he doesn't eat candy and is a funsucker. I'm glad you had a good time and now I'm going to go find the Kisses Al hid last week in the kitchen. i need a hit!