Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Bootsy was a Bitch"

Oh what a happy girl I am. HAPPY. To the max. Rescue Me is back on TV! I love me some disgruntle, nympho, foul mouthed, drunken firefighters! Who doesn't. I've watched Rescue Me since Season 1. Great show. Not for young audiences as there is a ton of swearing and lots of sex and sex talk. Oh an rampant drunken scenes. GOOD TIMES! Last nights episode did not disappoint. And I'm interested to see how the Michael J. Fox thing plays out. I heard he'll be on 4 episodes so this should be fun. Can't wait for the rest of the seasons. Now I have something to watch on Tuesday night aside form The biggest Loser, which I couldn't watch last night because Mommy want to watch fringe. Look I like weird movies and shows as much as the next person but last nights fringe was just plan weird and didn't answer any of my questions. It was like Lost minus the cool shit. I mean first how did that kid get down in that dark tunnel? How long was he there? Why doesn't he speak or acknowledge ANYTHING! How did he know where to send the cops and lastly he was freakin scare looking. Hello Powder!

Here's the crew from season 2 I think.

I think the only other shows that I get this excited for are Friday night Lights, and Deadliest Catch. I love me some football and crabs. Crabs to eat, not that kind you could catch from the football players. I'm trying (un)successfully to convince my cousin and her husband to take me out this Friday for my birthday. It's a tad early as my birthday is April 14th, but that's a Tuesday and most normal people can't go out on drinking binges on week nights. I can. Only problem about going out Friday night, I'll miss Friday Night Lights, and it's the season finale. What to do. I don't have Tivo or DVR or any of that junk. Stone age remember. But chances are we wont go out, as is tradition for my birthday to suck. Cross your fingers I get my night of drunken fun. I am however going to a birthday lunch with my cousin and her two twin 7 year old daughters. See Friday is my day off, her day off and the kids are off for some church going holiday, which I'm pretty sure cross the separation of church and state line, so they would like to take me to Olive Garden have lunch with the big girls. My cousin and i try to do lunch Fridays all the time. Some more successful then others.

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The Rambler said...

This is the show that I want to get into. On vacation I think I want to rent the seasons (how many are there)and plow through them!

Loved the bit about liking crabs...the kind you eat not the kind you get from football players. Hilarious.

I linky loved your comment from last week.