Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Return of Not Me MONDAY

The following list is made up of things I SURELY didn't do or didn't have done to me over the weekend.

  1. I did not spend all morning back cookies, Friday, for a bake sale my mom signed me up for. PRIOR to asking if i wanted to bake cookies for it.

  2. 3 dozen cookies did not burn, darken around the edges, or flatten out, FOR NO REASON!

  3. I did watch roughly 4 hours or Overhaulin and cry. A LOT.

  4. I surely had more important/wilder things to do on y Friday night then go to the laundry mat and watch my clothes dry.

  5. I didn't stop at Rita's for some yummy coconut ice only to find it missing from the menu, the high schoolers working their had the best work ethic and surely didn't make us (non high schoolers) wait for an extended amount of time while they chatted with their friends. After which they surely would not have MESSED up my order (all two things i wanted simple ices) and make me wish I hadn't stopped at all.

  6. I didn't return one bathing suit for another which i will promptly be returning tomorrow before work.

  7. WE didn't drive all the way to Philly on Saturday with no AC in 89 degree weather out of fear the car just might not make it if we turned it on. I was NOT seated on the sunny side of he car and wasn't dripping sweat till we go there.

  8. I didn't have my first OFFICIAL Philly Cheese steak and it wasn't the GREATEST thing ever (next to wings in Buffalo).

  9. I didn't revert back to my quite shy self while spending time with Pams family.

  10. I wasn't REALLY SAD when i opened my t-shirts from to find an XL isn't really very Large at all. I didn't spend way to much time measuring shirts and trying to decided what to do with the shit that didn't fit.

  11. I haven't decided to just return them and try again later.

  12. I'm not sad about this at all :)

  13. It wasn't absolutely beautiful here today and i didn't spend the whole day inside at the computer writing about the dead :(

  14. I didn't chow down on 3 big pieces of cheese pizza last night because I love a melted cheese mess!

  15. I don't have only 6 days till preggers showers and we haven't heard back from only 2 people, that would be ridicules.

  16. I didn't go buy the stuff to make wing dip today and I'm not at all contemplating making it tonight so i can make sure it's not "poisoned" or anything.

  17. I'm not going to start another eat better kick, which would DEFINITELY not be why I also bought Roman lettuce today at the store.

  18. I didn't scarf down a chicken sub for lunch with lettuce on my journey to better eating today.

  19. The above mentioned sub surely wouldn't have had cheese and (lite) mayo on it, because nothing about that screams healthy.

  20. By the end the majority of the lettuce was not on my plate as opposed to in my tummy.

So how about YOU! What didn't you do over the weekend you would like to not mention.

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