Friday, April 3, 2009

Chocolate covered Ponies!

ATTENTION! There will b pictures of the AWesome Apron this week. I've uploaded them and I will post them sometime. Stay tuned.
But here are a few from my day today. I bought some yummy Chocolate bars.
WE got these when we were in Boulder, CO last year to visit Kitty. They are so yummy! Our local grocery store carries them which is exciting so I bought one tonight Inside they have poems. It's intersting.

Then my night was filled with a big night of coloring. Yes I'm working on 27 ina week and a half and I spent a ncie amount of time coloring by myself at my house tonight in a BRAND NEW coloring book. What can i say it's relaxing.

I purchased a My little Pony coloring book at Dollar General tonight and here are the end results.

As I'm not sure of teh correct colors for the ponies I used my creative abilities to make them Amy Awesome. The top one is a few different shades of green

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Cathy said...

The chocolate sounds yummy. I like you use of color for the ponies. You really do have an artistic side. I think you are in denial thinking you aren't. That's why you LOVE AC Moore! Stay warm!