Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello Peter

So there appears to be 3 rabbits hanging out at my place. They come over uninvited always hanging out in the parking lot shooting the shit when I get home from work. they eat all my lettuce, and drink all my water and leave me chocolate kisses on the couch. Well. not really. they stay mostly outside in the yard next door but have been in the parking lot when i get home at night. When do you sleep peter? I call them all Peter. All 3. Even when I see them all together. I give a wave and a shout "Hey Peter's" and off I go on my merry way. they seem nice enough. they seem slightly tame, which concerns me. Peter stays near the steps until I get close then he'll hop away, I tried to toss him some left over bread the other day but he didn't seem interested.

here is googles idea of what the Peters look like.

So I'm concerned. It's T-minus 11 days till Preggers baby shower and NO ONE has rsvp'd yet. NO ONE. So far I'll be there and Jules (who's co-hosting the shower) and Pam's mom. No one else has RSVP'd. Now the date to let us know by is Sunday, so I'm hoping these people are all just last minute slightly rude-ish people and not just plan NO SHOWS. I'm sure everything will be fine, I'm sure the people will call by Sunday and we'll know how many are coming. but I'm slightly annoyed. why would you wait so long. We mailed the invites on April 6, to give everyone plenty of notice. hum??? should i be concerned?

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Diane said...

I hate requesting RSVPs for anything... people ARE so rude these days. If they don't call, don't feel bad about getting on the phone and asking, "You haven't RSVP'd and we're trying to get a final count for the shower... so, are you coming?" It's annoying as hell to have to do but at least you get an answer.

PS... Hershey kisses on your couch? Cool. As long as they don't smell like bunny poo ;)