Monday, June 29, 2009

Just for fun

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I liked it better when my (twin) cousins and my nephew were little. Sure, they are still little now at 8 and 6 but they aren't little babies. babies don't insist on making goofy faces and striking poses. I have never had a baby say "is that my good side" or throw up what appears to be playground gang signs. Kids these days. So I've resorted to taking photos when they aren't paying attention. Or bargaining with them. Ok guys one nice photo and the next one i want to see some REALLY goofy faces. Fair? and this is what I got.

I swear Jessica (end on the left) looks like the monster from Where the Wild things are. I think it's only fair I share the "good" photo they allowed me to take.

Ahh cousins. The thing is, the 3 of them usually get along just like they are in this photo.

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Taylor said...

LOL, great expressions!

Cathy said...

Wow, how did they get their faces to do that. They look like real sweeties.