Monday, June 1, 2009

sale in the yard

I'm a HUGE m&m's fan. It's sick actually. I have so many dispensers and figures and.....stuff. It's pretty disturbing. I know what you're thinking. It can be disturbing. They are cute. TRUST me. It. Is. Well Friday morning (9 a.m. ugh!) My #1 cousin and I went a Yard Sale shopping! I love yard sales. I love junk. Plus it gives us a good reason to hangout.

Look at my loot. My booty from the trip!

Yes sir. these are some of the older dispensers. You can't get them on the site, or in stores. It' the football and baseball ones. This is how old they are. the one had a price tag on it from HILLS! Hills. That store has been closed down for EVER!

#1 cousin thought it was hilarious. We both said we never see m&m stuff so I had to get them. Did i need them. NO. Do i have room for them. NO. Did i shell out $20 for the pair. YES.

I call it a good day.

I went to the hospital to see Preggers today before work. And meet LOGAN! What a cute kid. I'll post pics as soon as I get them uploaded. He's a keeper!

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Diane said...

I don't collect stuff but that definitely seems like a good haul!