Tuesday, June 9, 2009

take THREE

100 things down 100 more to go! I'm pretty happy with my idea to celebrate my 200th post in this way. 4 posts of 50 things adding up to 200. Just think of all the fun things you've learned so far. Read carefully there might be a pop quiz after this!

I have one amendment to make to my 50 things I can't live without list. I should have added my CROCKPOT. I love that girl. We are joined at the hip. I have some great CROCKPOT cake recipes that I want to try. So she should have made the list. Sorry Crockpot. SORRY. Honorable mention should have also gone to ......well it rhymes with CORN and it's not PG!

Anywho. Here goes. I was having trouble coming up with the topics for my last 2 lists. So i did what I do. I called Kitty and talked it over with her. after a brainstorming session we had a few ideas I liked. Maybe I'll blog about the ideas I WONT be using another time.

50 things I would do if money WASN'T an issue
  1. I decided LONG ago that if I was ever so lucky to win one of those huge powerball jackpots I was going to set up trust funds for my younger cousins, nephew, and friends kids. With stipulations of course. I'll blog about this another day. But it is by far #1 on my list today!
  2. Buy a Mercedes Benz. Custom made from Germany just for me.
  3. Purchase land in the west (Mt. Wy., Co., ND, SD) and have a family home where all my family could go for visits and vacations
  4. Take my family and friends on an all expenses paid vacation for a MONTH.
  5. Pay all my loans, my parents loans, and my bothers loans OFF.
  6. Buy my cousin, her husband and kids a NEW house on some nice land....near me :)
  7. Buy my parents a home and hire a gardener for them.
  8. Donate enough money to my high school to have the tennis courts redone..right... and named after me. McMean Courts, sounds nice huh.
  9. Take the women in my family and my female friends on a week long SPA get a way.
  10. Travel to the 50 places on my list
  11. Take Diane with me to the Galapagos Islands.
  12. Donate money and my time (since I wouldn't be working) to help the groups rebuilding New Orleans and other disaster stricken areas
  13. Donate large sums of money to charities.
  14. Take the women I work with on a fun weekend get-a-way for putting up with all my crap.
  15. start my own party/event planning business.
  16. Donate to the arts.
  17. Buy a home at the beach
  18. Send my parents on an Alaskan cruise, they don't have pirates there do they?
  19. Go to the Biltmore Estate.
  20. Take my cousins to Disney for their birthday...every year.
  21. Buy my aunt and uncle a new farm closer to all of us.
  22. Buy their old farm for the memories
  23. Get new clothes for myself
  24. Donate enough money to have a building named after me at SRU
  25. Buy our local paper and kick Media News Group to the curb.
  26. Install a roller coaster at my vacation home.
  27. Purchase a small island and start our (mine and kitty's) dream of owning an Island Resort with a job for everyone we love.
  28. SEASON TICKETS TO THE STEELERS. Better yet my own suite at Heinz field
  29. Pay for my younger cousins to go to college/ continued education
  30. Form a non profit group to help kids
  31. Be the financial backer for my friend Michelle who is doing cancer research. indefinitely.
  32. go to space. What Lance Bass almost did.
  33. Rent Hershey park for the day.
  34. Go to Cedar Point Amusement park
  35. Pay for movies for everyone one day at the movie theater.
  36. have a life time supply of Rita's Coconut Italian Ice
  37. Run for President
  38. Start a group to help people get their Own business up and running.
  39. Buy all the kick butt Wilton baking stuff I always see.
  40. Take baking classes and cake decorating classes.
  41. Take cooking classes for that matter.
  42. Pay for a senior prom for one school in my area each year.
  43. Start scholarships for a variety of things and people.
  44. Buy a home in another country
  45. Send my parents to Holland, Germany, France, all the places my dad went when he was in the Army
  46. Send Rita's Italian Ice's to the children's wing at the hospital once a month.
  47. Plan events and parties for hospitals, schools, groups, and clubs, at no COST to them.
  48. buy a JUG dog for myself. Name him Max the 2nd
  49. Buy new cars for everyone I know.
  50. quite this JOB!
Wow it's hard to find 50 things you would do with an endless supply of money. I mean. you don't want to seem to selfish, but you don't want people to read it and say "Like she would REALLY give it all to the starving children".

Need to play catch up? take ONE & take TWO


Diane said...

Ummmm... Amy? I believe you forgot about someone... you know, your bloggy buddy... ummmm... you know... ummmm...yeah... me. I don't mind being #51. As long as I make the list.

Thanks ever so much!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

you're number 11

Diane said...

Aaaaagggghhhh... I missed it! So sorry! I'm packed and ready to go whenever you are! And thanks!! :)