Wednesday, June 10, 2009

take FOUR

Well my bloggy friends my series is coming to an end. This is it. The final list of 50. So here goes.

50 people dead, alive, famous, or unknown that I would like to hang out with. NOT AT THE SAME TIME. That would be a mess. So many awesome people clamoring to be seated next to YOURS TRULY. I would feel so VIP. Now, by "hangout" I don't mean pal around like best buds and pick up guys. Some are people I would like to meet. Some are people I already know. Some are people I could learn from, some are straight crazy! Good or bad they are people and I'm interested to understand,uhmmm, TRY to understand what makes them tick. In no order.
  1. My Pappy Thomas
  2. Brent Smith-lead singer of Shinedown
  3. Billy Joel
  4. Elton John- if i could get him together with #3 I would DIE!
  5. The Red M&M
  6. Troy Polamalu I heart the Steelers.
  7. George W. Bush
  8. Adam Sandler
  9. Albert Einstein although I'm SURE i wouldn't understand anything we talked about.
  10. Philip Seymour Hoffman there is something awesome about him.
  11. Babe Ruth i hear he was a real wild one.
  12. John McEnroe
  13. Janis Joplin
  14. Kurt Cobain
  15. Edgar Allen Poe
  16. Augusten Burroughs I have all his books
  17. Peter Hamill
  18. Jack Nicholson
  19. Morgan Freeman
  20. Hitler what was going on with that guy
  21. Marie Antoinette
  22. Mark Twain
  23. GOD he has some serious explaining to do
  24. Fidel Castro
  25. Jimi Hendrix
  26. Trace Adkins
  27. Donald Trump
  28. Theodore Spiro Liaros check him OUT!
  29. The person inside the Down Town Mascot costume
  30. Al Capone imagine the stories
  31. Anthony Hopkins
  32. Julia Child
  33. Tom Colicchio
  34. Mr. Mcafee ~ my 5th grade teacher he was so much fun. A real old school, throw a ball at the student if they weren't paying attention, kind of teacher.
  35. Anthony Bourdain
  36. My mom's Pappy Thomas~ I never meant him
  37. Emma Miller ~ Ghost of North Hall at SRU
  38. Andre Agassi
  39. David Letterman I love that hot old guy
  40. Henry Ford
  41. Mahammad Ali
  42. Jesus see if he's still happy about that sacrificing himself for those idea
  43. Sakajaweea
  44. Malika Oufkir~ check her out
  45. Jackie Robertson
  46. JFK
  47. John Wilkes Booth
  48. Ronnie Van Zant
  49. Betty Jo Macneal~ My dads daughter from his first marriage who died shortly after my parents were married.
  50. Anyone who has EVER been on Jaywalking on the Tonight Show. Those people are DUMB!
WOW. I'm done. 50 places, 50 things, 50 if money wasn't an issue, and finally 50 people! 200 things that you Never needed to know. 200 things that will benefit you in NO WAY. 200 things that are now no longer TRAPPED inside my brain waiting for my head to explode. I feel better. How about you? Thanks for reading my blog EVERYONE! Have no fear, no more weird crazy posts until I hit 300. Ok. Well maybe I can't make that promise as most of my blogs are weird or slightly off. But No more........well I guess you'll just have to keep reading. Thanks


Sam_I_am said...

If you meet Troy, you best post pics! When you said you wanted to hang out with Emma the ghost, did you want her in ghost form or human form? I'd be scared to death to hang with a ghost.

Diane said...

Cool list (except for the W part... I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to hold down my lunch if he was in the room... either by vomiting on his shoes or throwing it at him :). I read the whole thing carefully this time, though, and didn't see my name. Hmmm. Well, if we were traveling in the Galapagos together, I supposed you'd have to hang out with me. Right? You wouldn't, like, put me on another boat, would you? Man, I hope not.

La Pixie said...

great list.

I see that you know how to do links in your posts now. yay for you!

Cathy said...

Great List! uuuuhhhh, I am sorry to tell you this but I definitely get God and Anthony Bourdain first. Firstly, God needsd to tell me why he makes me a missionary and lets me get cancer and secondly I want to have Tony's love child which God will have to help out on since I haven't had a menstral cycle for 4 years. then you can have them all you want.