Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lunch of champions

I went to my favorite place to eat today! FAVORITE place. Isaac's. It's a deli. and it's super yummy. It's a fun place and the food is always tasty. I take all my out of area friends (as in 1) there when they visit.

Well last month I found a gift card in my work drawer for Isaac's jackpot so today i figured why not stop for some lunch on my way into work. GREAT idea me! and why not take some pictures with my handy dandy phone to share with all my friendly bloggers.

How do you not love a place that gives you pickles to snack on before you get your food. YUMMY. Kitty NEVER eats pickles so when her and I went (before she up and moved across the country) the pickles were all mine. Some of the pickles are sweet, some are tangy and some are down right spicy.

I opted for the combo meal. soup and half a sandwich.

My yummy pepperjack tomato soup. It's my favorite I get it year round and it's always nice and warm and the croutons are yummy. *breaks long strand of drool from mouth*

And i finished it off with a taste half Reuben. Which was piled high and the kraut was just right with lots of melted cheese on top of that. And just the right amount of dressing. the bread was crunch and not greasy like a lot of places. It was heavenly. If food could go to heaven this meal is flying first class. My sandwich came with a side of chips, regular, sweet potato, and those purple kind. ahh. I'm making myself hungry again.

Isaac's is interesting, all the sandwiches are named after birds. and all they serve are sandwiches, soup, salad, and pizzas (but i don't think many people eat those just the kids)


La Pixie said...

looks sooo good. I love pickles!!!

hmm, Ive never heard of that kind of soup, but it sounds yummy.

Diane said...

My mouth is actually WATERING. And? I'm hungry now. Damn you.

Joanie said...

that sandwich looks really good and its perfectly paired with crispy-home-made looking chips. Enjoy!