Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'd rather just kill em

I love the PUBLIC!
LOVE them.

below are some correspondents I had with a person.

Sent: Wednesday
David J.
1/28/58 - 4/26/09
Happy Father's Day
Love you & Miss you
Tubbie, Winnie, & Inny Pants

That's it. all that was in the email. Wendy emails this back Wednesday~

We need a few more pieces of information: Name, address and phone number of person paying for the ad. Do we have a photo that you would like us to use? Is there a border that you have in mind for the memorial? We will be contacting you today once we receive the needed information in regards to making payment as today is the deadline for Sunday.
The Obituary Team
York Newspaper Co.

Here is the response TODAY. As note above the deadline was YESTERDAY

How much is the ad? It doesn't say anything about a cost in the newspaper. No photo and just a plain border is fine.

So I responded~
The cost would be $55 for the text you provided. However the deadline for Sunday was yesterday by 3 p.m. At this time the ad COULD NOT appear on Sunday June 21.

And what did they say back~
Well thanks alot! I would never have paid $55 dollars anyway!

My response back, oh yeah I emailed them back.

You're welcome :)

I know those memoriams can be pricey. But Don't get all ! with me. I'm pretty certain I did not email you to place a memoriam ad. Pretty sure I wasn't soliciting you for business. You emailed us. I'm sorry if you don't want to pay $55 to show how much you love your deceased father. I don't understand how most people can in this economy. but don't throw this ! at me like i just tried to trick you into getting the 10 year warranty on a carrot peeler. PAL!!!
How you like those ! Buddy.

Also, Well Thanks alot! What the hell is that about? you emailed us at 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday. Wendy emailed you back at 10:35 in the morning. 5 minutes later. That gave you 5 1/2 hours till deadline. and you say Well thanks a lot! like it's our fault you didn't email us back until 4:38 p.m. on Thursday. A DAY LATER. Well thanks alot! So I said the only thing that makes sense when someone thanks me. YOU'RE WELCOME :)

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Diane said...

Yup. The Public sucks. Always has. Always will.