Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strummin along

Big brother and I don't agree on much. EVER. We are after all. Siblings. But when BB called me to see what I thought about getting our dad a new guitar for father's day I was in complete agreement. Sounds like a plan Stan. I don't know much about guitars. I know the nice ones are EXPENSIVE and the cheap ones sound bad. But BB has a good job now and told me i could chip in whatever i could afford. Sounds fair. I've covered him many a mother's and father's day.

Friday he called to tell me he found a nice guitar at the second hand store where he bought his last year and picked up along with a new stand for my dad and some picks. total cost $100. SOUNDS GREAT. I went over to his house Friday night where BB, my nephew and I all had a jam session, much to the horror of BB's girlfriend. LOL.

Fast forward to today. We arrive up at my dad's house and set up the guitar in the stand. When Dad comes down stairs he gets the "happy father's day" from everyone and my nephew hands him a pick. He was so surprised. He picked it up and started playing right away. He hasn't played in a LONG TIME. He was really chocked up. and Cried. BB and looked at each other and you could see it flash in both our eyes "JACKPOT'. He was happy. It's the first guitar that he's owned that didn't come from a yard sale or a family member after it wasn't beaten up. He knows it's second hand, but it's his second hand guitar. I didn't take any pictures, because he was tearing up which made us all tear up. But I'll post some another time. I did how every google some pictures that are pretty close. It's an all black Gibson with a white pin strip around it. NICE. Boy does this thing shine!


Cathy said...

What a great gift! I'm sure he did love it. I have a real weakness for guitar players..hence my present husband!

Diane said...

Oh, I LOVED this post. I got all teary, too! I'm so glad he loved it. It's the best feeling when you give the perfect present.