Monday, June 8, 2009

take TWO

So yesterday I posted take ONE of my four part 200th post! Today I'm posting....drum roll please.......that's right ladies and gentlemen take TWO.

Below you will find a list of 50 things I Can't live without. I'm sure I could technically live without them but I choose not too. This list is no particular order.
  1. water- obvious reasons for this answer. However I drink water all the time because I like it.
  2. Sweet bologna. ahh a yummy thing to behold
  3. campfires.
  4. cozy sweaters
  5. my Steelers Jersey, we have only just recently been united.
  6. books
  7. music
  8. clothing, that's just as much for the rest of the populations benefit as it is for mine. You do NOT wanted to see this walking around.
  9. Condoms. enough said
  10. Cold beer. goes hand in hand with #9 :)
  11. My blog. otherwise this stuff would still be TRAPPED inside my MIND
  12. my camera, it's my form of therapy.
  13. Popsicles
  14. snow, I hate it but I couldn't live without it FOREVER.
  15. Fall and the changing of the leaves.
  16. SRU- great place, great memories, great friends
  17. Peanut Butter Milkshakes
  18. My best friend KITTY. hey she hides bodies for me.
  19. my sense of humor I wouldn't get far in life without it.
  20. My family. the whole crazy mess of them.
  21. Butter Pecan Ice Cream
  22. Lemonade in the summer
  23. BBQ picnics
  24. swimming in lakes I hate chlorine
  25. Fresh baked cookies another form of therapy I LOVE
  26. Green apples
  27. boat trips
  28. dogs
  29. a couch
  30. scotch tape
  31. coloring books you're never to old to color
  32. Warm Apple cider
  33. hot coco
  34. my friends, new, old, and constant
  36. deviled eggs more accurately Kitty's moms deviled eggs.
  37. Ranch dressing for my pizza, french fries, wings, potato's, chips.....but not salad.
  38. flip flops nothing says summer like flip flops
  39. a beach, any beach just some sand and ocean are all i need.
  40. Crabs~ steamed not those other ones you never talk about.
  41. SEX oh come on it had to make the list. It could be it's own list entirely but that wouldn't be very PG.
  42. Rum, vodka, tequila, Whiskey, the hard stuff
  43. a lead foot
  44. my great sense of direction
  45. hot sauce I'm getting so much better at dealing with the HOT stuff.
  46. sunshine
  47. HOT DOGS
  48. cows. I love me some steak and leather.
  49. Eye candy. good looking guys in ever shape, size, color, and age.
  50. Marshmallows!

there are my 50 things I can't live without. I can't believe eye candy didn't pop into my mind earlier. Well maybe it did with #9, #10, #41, #47,#42, #39, #16, #3. Can you tell I'm hungry from this list or what! I meant for food

If you missed take ONE catch up buddies. Tune in tomorrow to see the Third installment in the 200 series. What will my list of 50 be about tomorrow. take THREE will take me up to 150 things you'll have learned about me. I plan to finish out the series with the last list of 50 on Thursday. Ahh the excitement. Leave me lots of comments. And tell your friends. I love friends.


Diane said...

Another great list! There were a bunch of yours on mine... in fact... I might have to steal this idea...

Melissa said...

I love the list............ And I mimic your sentiments completely!!! Especially the SEX....come on, whoever says they disagree is L-Y-I-N-G