Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a Teshin and tishin

First and foremost. The cool ladies over at I Heart Faces are helping their celeb judge this week Lori Nordstrom with a give-a-way. She's giving one lucky winner a awesome camera strap from her Spice up your Camera pepper.

WOW. These straps sure give those dingy old plain black ones a run for their money. There are so many to choose from. I think my favorite is the marmalade one. But I also REALLY liked the Bourbon Street one.

You should all stop over and see whats up at I Heart Faces. If you love taking pictures like i do you'll love their awesome site and contests every week.

now on to less pressing issues.

I dislike John Tesh. As I'm sure Mary Hart does. I mean come on. It's John Tesh. Whats my problem with the Teshster, you may be asking yourself. He sucks the fun out of life. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I dub him Sr. John Tesh fun sucker outer. Honestly. What is so wrong in this mans life that he feels the need to take all the fun out of his listeners lives. More importantly how many people are buying into this new religion of Teshness. My cousin is. I love her but I swear to (insert religious icon here) that she brings him up and his "knowledge". His words of wisdom.

Last night I happen to catch part of his show last night while driving home in my car. Now I listened because he was downing one of my favorite places. THE BEACH. Oh yes dear friends Tesh is a beach HATER. He was talking about some "study", I'm sure. It's always a study with him, that says that wet sand carries bacteria and you can get infections while at the beach. He went on to say that you should get the wet sand off your skin as soon as you are able, and wear shoes. I think. I was pretty much going "TESH! what the hell!" during the rest of it. He also said that you should take your own lemon juice packets to the restaurant because the lemon wedges are full of germs. NEWSFLASH TESHER the whole places is full of germs. The handles tot he door are germ filled. I'm not going to be that old lady at the restaurant who brings her own condiments. He said picnic tables that do not have table clothes on them are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Ok. So we can't go to the beach, we can't have lemon in our ice tea, we can't eat at an uncovered picnic table. Oh boy isn't summer swell. Mr. Tesh wouldn't last one damn day at our family picnics. We eat our food off the same table we just dripped crab juice all over while double dippin in the seasoning. The potato salad done sat out all day and the flies are a swarming but we're still eating.

So you, my dear Mr. Tesh, stay put inside your sterilized bubble in your radio station and leave the germs to the real men....and me.

His slogan is something like "If it's not acceptable for an 11 year old you wont hear it here"

Enough said.

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