Sunday, June 14, 2009


Wow this weekend was....SUNNY. I should have used more sunscreen. I'm not burnt to bad, just around my shoulders. But I have some MAJOR sun tan lines. ugh.

So last week La Pixie tagged me so I'm finally getting to my turn.

Ok let's see if i can follow the directions. They don't come with pictures so I'm already a little skeptical. Here goes. Tag her. complete the list of 8 and tag people. Easy enough

8 things I'm hyped up about(I modified the words)
1. Ice cream
2. my pending trip to Buffalo in .....August.
3. Going to see baby Logan next time.
4. Army Wives tonight.
5. Possible getting cable this week.
6. My 3-4 day weekend over the 4th.
7. swimming in something that doesn't require chemicals
8. my lips to stop burning (sun burnt, yeah i didn't know that was possible either)

8 things I did yesterday
1. ate tacos MINUS the meat for breakfast
2. Laid out int he sun
3. played t=ball with my nephew.
4. Swam
5. Had dinner with Jules at Chiles!
6. Had an adult drink for the first time in a long time.
7. Watched super troopers.
8. colored

8 things I wish I could do
1. Go away someplace on vacation
2. grow my own money
3. eat EVERYTHING and gain nothing.
4. Find someone (of the opposite sex) to spend time with.
5. buy my own house
6. speed up time.
7. cook really well.
8. have relations

8 shows I watch
1. The today show
2. Lost
3. Project runway
4. Top Chef
5. The hills
6. Deadliest Catch
7. over haulin
8. Family guy

8 favorite fruits
1. Green Apples
2. Pineapple
3. oranges
8. ( i know right)

8 places I would like to travel
1. Denver
2. Vegas
3. Prague
4. San Diego
5. El Paso
6. Alaska
7. Albuquerque
8. Hawaii

8 places I've lived
1. York
2. Slippery Rock

8 people I'm tagging

I went to see Preggers and baby Logan on Friday. He is so cute. I know I know. I still haven't posted any real photos of him. I'm working on it. Friday he was fussy and poor preggers needed a little break so i held him and rocked him VERY slowly from side to side and patted his back and BAMN. He was out! he fell asleep with his face right on my throat so every time i breathed really deep or laughed is little head moved up and down. So cute. And me without my camera. UGGH!

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