Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep it rollin

Since BB and i are on a gift giving roll I wanted to keep it moving. Tomorrow is our parents 30th anniversary. 30 years! WOW. So I order some flowers for them. I wish i had a real job that paid real money and not peanuts and toe nail clippings like this place. If i did. I would have gotten them a huge "look at me" arrangement. But alas. in the end who needs that. So here is what I'm sending from Me, BB, BB's girlfriend and my nephew. short and simple and to the point. So dinner out on Friday night with the family and these flowers are their anniversary gifts.

I think they are very pretty. I'm just hoping they look this good in person. Fingers crossed. I'm using a different flower shop because the normal one is well "Rip you off Flowers and Treats". And I'm tired of getting ripped off. So hopefully "Pretty and Reasonably priced" will do better.

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Just Me said...

Nice arrangement!!! I likey.