Sunday, June 21, 2009


Is that a word. Yumtastic! I'm sure it's not, but it should be. Sometimes yummy isn't a good enough adjective. neither is Fantastic. So i opt for yumtastic. and this my dear bloggy friends was yumtastic!This, beside an awful photo, is a yumtastic concoction I found at the grocery store on Friday. The day i was in much need of something chocolaty and peanut buttery. It called my name from the display, "McMean, McMean you know you want me. I'm tasty and I will fill the vacant wholes in your soul." Enough said I was sold. It was a huge bowl of chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding and a HUMONGOUS amount of peanut butter frosting. It was YUMTASTIC.
all this for $2.99 HAVE YOU LOST YOU"RE MIND? I ate it over the weekend as it was to big/rich to eat in one sitting. Well to much to eat in one sitting if you aren't nursing a broken heart or some other life altering heart break. It was very good.


Melissa said...

YUMMY....nothing better than peanut butter & choclate.... well, maybe a nice, BIG, cold beer!!! :)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Sounds so YUMMY :)

I love chocolate and peanut butter :)

Diane said...

OK... I'm gonna take your word, 'cause though I love chocolate and peanut butter, that doesn't look too appealing to me. I'll just trust you, k?

And btw, no, it was not awful that you spent my whole post looking for alchohol :).