Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who's your boss?!

This week I'm really feeling the help wanted ad. Although by Thursday anything even remotely newspaper related is enough to make me gag. But I'll do this prompt anyways. Call it the east way out. I'm fine with that. I'm fairly good at being mediocre.Here goes

Full Time

Seeking full time professional assistant to help with the daily happenings of a busy, creative minded, yet highly underestimated thinker. Assistant should be willing to spend extensive amounts of time at odd hours working to help me, who is formulating great earth changing ideas and concepts, make life easier. The ideal candidate would posses tons of seemingly "useless" knowledge, understand that ever job no matter how small makes a difference, and be willing to not only grow as a person but also as a part of our newly formed team.

No experience is necessary. I am willing to train the right candidate for the job. Any knowledge regarding global and local cuisine, accounting and finances, domestic affairs, goods and commerce, wardrobe purification, inter office and small group communication, sprawl and traffic patterns is welcomed.

Job duties are as followed but not strictly limited to the things listed.
  • personnel shopper
  • appointment scheduler
  • research and development of newly formed concepts and ideas
  • director of correspondents
  • event planner
  • director of office organization
The ideal candidate can roll with the punches and tackle any job thrown at them. They should never wonder why, but ask themselves why not. Even the smallest tasks are relevant to the overall picture. Salary is negotiable but the wealth of knowledge and skills you will receive from this job are priceless.

If interested please submit resume and salary history to
Amy McSunshine
c/oMcMind Enterprises,
123 McStreet
McMean, McPa.

McMind Enterprises is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminated based on ethnic background, gender, or disabilities.

For once dear bloggy friends......I AM the prson to see about the application. LOL.
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Just MeMe said...

Very well written. Where do I pick up an application??

Dan said...

What, they don't have to do double duty as social secretary as well?

Diane said...

Ooooh... I want one, too!

Stu Pidasso said...

If I could actually qualify for a job that would help change the world, I'd be in with both feet. Sounds like a challenging but rewarding environment. Sign me up!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Cute ad. I can't say I need the job but if you have extra candidates send them my way :)

Melissa said...

Can I share that assistant?? or better yet, how about YOU come fill that position for me.... :)