Monday, June 8, 2009

200th post take ONE

OK so here goes. Here is my BRIGHT IDEA. Let's see if i still like when I'm done, whenever that might be. My 200th post is going to be more like my "200+ series". I'm going to post smaller posts containing groups of 50 things. Confused? YES, shut up self! Geeze.
So For starters I'm going to post a list of 50 places. These are paces I would like to go or things I would like too see. Some are more "doable" than others. Some I would need to win the lottery or find myself a good sugar daddy to be able to afford. So her we go. To dreaming big! Cheers!
  1. Las Vegas
  2. Grand Teton Nation Park, WY
  3. Musee du Louvre
  4. Colosseum (not the one in Vegas)
  5. Florence

  6. Spain
  7. London
  8. Egypt
  9. Dublin
  10. Dubai
  11. Sydney, Australia
  12. Africa
  13. Pacific Coast Highway
  14. Biltmore estate (I heart HGTV)

  15. Alaska

  16. Amsterdam
  17. Rocky Mountain National Park (again)

  18. New Orleans
  19. Seattle
  20. San Francisco
  21. TEXAS
  22. Key West
  23. Himalayas
  24. Sweden
  25. Japan
  26. Boston
  27. Georgia (for some yummy peaches)
  28. Toronto
  29. Mt. Everest
  30. Great Barrier Reef
  31. Victoria Falls
  32. Galapagos Islands
  33. the rim of a Volcano
  34. Great wall of China
  35. Fuji
  36. Cuba (see what all the hoopla is about)
  37. Easter Island, Chile
  38. Kremlin
  39. Stonehenge
  40. Your moms house, I’m sure she’s a great lady. (Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention)
  41. Finland
  42. North Pole
  43. Barbados
  44. Bali
  45. Cape Town, S. Africa
  46. Vancouver

  47. Venice
  48. Washington D.C., (so close but I haven’t been in so LONG!)

  49. Istanbul (sounds cool)

  50. Rocky Mountains in Canada

Those re my 50 places to see or go. Where would you go?? Have you been to any of these places? Let me know.

Tune in tomorrow for Take TWO of my 200th post!


La Pixie said...

good for you.

I did a big ol fat nothing for my 200th. maybe when I get to the big 3-0-0.

Diane said...

Congrats on your 200th!!!

Great list of places... I've been to a bunch of them but the Galapagos are always tops on MY list!

Melissa said...

Weel, I have been to Biltmore Estates and I loved it....very pretty.... But I guess I will need to join you on your travels to the other places!!
Oh and if my mom were still alive, believe me, I'd bring you there, as she was one awesome woman that I would love for you to meet!!

Sam_I_am said...

I've been to:
Georgia (but didn't get any peaches)
My mom's house
Stonehenge and Washington DC

I really want to go back to Savannah, GA for the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary.