Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the one, the only, mind of McMean Show. I acquired the name some years ago during my "glory days' of college. Maybe it was my friendly demeanor, sunny dispostion, or out of the way caring personality, but I was saddled with McMean. I have embraced the persona because no matter how hard I try I just can't shake the name. If you can beat them surrender and sing like a bird, or you can just join them. I've decided to blog on here in hopes that some one outside the cubicle walls of my office and the padded walls of my home will find me as entertaining as I find myself. At the very least I hope you find me as entertaining as my friend, family and co-workers pretend to find me.

I'm knew to the world of blogging. I'm an avid blogger on my awesome myspace page, but this is a new forum for me so bare with me. I've discovered a few blogs that i enjoy and would love any recommendations the peanut gallery can provide.

I'm simple enough. My blogs usually consist of long angry rants, short burst of humor, funny or ironic stories and extensive rambling about nothing. Enjoy.

For all I know, which isn't very much, this isn't a comment that should make me smile. But a comment was made and I agree it is rather "on the money". The golden comment made about me today. (drum roll please) "Amy I don't know what's going on in your head, your sick in the head" I gave the best response I had "I am, but for so money other reason then this" The comment was made by one of my co-workers today in reference to the restraining order and accompanying letter from my fake law firm that I toiled over yesterday. I spent roughly an hour and half of....well it wasn't my time, concocting (that word always makes me think of Katie Buffalo) the letter, and filling in the actual restraining order form (you can get anything on google which excites me but also frightens me). Now usually "sick in the head" would sound, well, not nice, but I took it as a complement, a sign my "work" was appreciated. Everyone wants to feel excepted. So I just laughed and said thank you. I figure I should have a little fun at work to off set the long hours of dull and uneventful boredom.

I thought I was suffering a heart attack last night. Here's what happen I was laying on the couch (Oh yeah I fixed my couch that has been busted for 3 months) watching one of my favorite shows, The biggest loser, and chatting with Taylor on the phone. My chest started to hurt. Here's sort of what I remember from the conversation.

Me~ "OWHHH I think I'm having a heart attack"
Taylor~ "Does your arm hurt? Is it numb"
Me- "Oww no, but..."
Taylor~ Then it's not a heart attack your arm is supposed to go numb "
Me~ It feels like a lump in my chest, I think it's my bacanator backing up (don't judge me you judgmental fucks, who doesn't want hamburgers covered in cheese and wrapped up in bacon, if that person is alive... Well I say FUCK YOU to that person).
Taylor~ (laughing) I take that back then it might be a heart attack. I was unaware you had a bacanator.
Me~ Yeah I always feel a little bad sitting here watching The Biggest Loser stuffing my face with a bacanator and fries"
Taylor- That seems wrong. Hey did you have the sandwich I can't remember where it was but it was called the something house burger?
Me~ The smoke house burger from BK, yeah I had it
Taylor~ I really liked that it had onion rings on it
Me~ It was OK but I like the bacanator better (laughing hysterically) stop Taylor I really don't want to compare and contrast the burgers at the fast food restaurants, is that what our lives have come to.

Our conversations are always so stimulating.

So Tomorrow is the big day, TRAVEL DAY! I'm heading to the great STATE of NEW YORK! I only mention that it's a state, not because I doubt your ability to recognize the name as that of one of our states but because Steve (my friend in Buffalo) always feels the need to refer to PA as a "commonwealth". He'll say "So how's life in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" and if someone mistakenly calls it a state he's quick to point out it's a commonwealth. La tee da! I have so much to do before I leave. I have to do laundry, pack, do the dishes, figure out what I'm doing about the trash, and stop by my parents because god forbid I leave without seeing my mom. she acts like every time I venture out of the state I might never find my way back. When l flew to Buffalo last year she was almost positive my plane would crash, wow mom comforting thing to tell me hours prior to me getting on the plane. When I went to Colorado, you would have thought I was moving not just vacationing. and now she has to "worry" about me driving the six hours to Buffalo. I told her she doesn't have to worry, she can choose not to worry. My god the damn women couldn't even remember I was going. I mentioned it last month and have talked about a lot and then Friday I said I can't wait to go and on Sunday she asked if I wanted to go furniture shopping with her this Friday. I said "Mom I'm going to Buffalo Thursday" and she gave me the look. The "your an asshole" look. Sorry I've told you repeatedly, maybe you should write it down in your day planner with all your doctor appointments. Anywho, I'm excited for my trip it ashamed that I wont be able to access very many radio stations due the complete and utter boondocks route I take. But if I get a hankering for some porn or other adult store items I'll pass roughly a half dozen or some of them on my route. Each one slightly shadier then the last, now I've never stopped at any of those places (on this route, I have visited other adult stores) mainly because the whole area has an Amnettyville horror feel to it. I swear the one time I went up it was pouring down raining, flooding and just wretched but I plugged on, I was going come hail or high water (and the water was high there was flooding on 15, but I being the super smart girl I am said fuck it and went anyways, I was lucky) while driving I thought boy if I break down I'm fucking dead. this is the setting from every horror movie I have ever seen. All the house looked broken down and ramshackle, with plastic over the windows and rundown automobiles on blocks in the yard. I thought if I break down I'm so fucked, I don't even have phone reception up here. That's another down side, six hours and I can't even use my phone. I am half temped to stop at Mansfield University and by a shirt from the bookstore, however I'm sure their parking is as bad as ours was so I would rather not mess with that junk.

Wendy is of sick today so here I am bright and early and not feeling so hot. My tummy hurts and my head is pounding. I think my head hurts because of my eyes. It must be that time "eye check" time, that is. I feel like I look especially rough today. I couldn't sleep and then getting up early was no easy fete. My hair is doing this really weird part where it looks like my hair starts half way back on the right side like my forehead is HUGE or UGH like Taylor's' dad would say. And what appeared to be a nice enough outfit for laundry day looks like crap in the light. does peach and mauve go together? Wait color is mauve? Is it a pink peach color? because if so that's what my hoodie is mauve with a peach, yellow, orange and pink plaid shirt under. Yeah train wreck, trust me. On a happier note Sharon brought me in a A&W Root Beer Float drink to try. I'm hyped. She said she'll chill it for me at lunch! Lunch, I'm starving right now I hope there's something not so gross in the machine otherwise I have a date with some strawberry oatmeal. If you know me that involves two things I don't really care for strawberry's and oatmeal, but I'll stomach it because "your supposed to like it."

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