Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mail call

Well I've done it, I've sent my first pen pal letter. EVER. I think I did pen pals with some kid when i was in high school. If i remember correctly I was senior and the kid was in kindergarten or first grade at the elementary school. It was for parenting class, not something I choose to do on my own. I might have had a boy or a girl I can't remember. I have a vague memory of going and making gingerbread houses with the pen pal class. And Rice Krispy treats. I ate some of those there. Hum? Is this a memory or a holiday cereal commercial? Not sure. I'll claim it as a memory because it sounds like it might have been fun, if it really happen. Oh stop. So maybe i don't remember for sure what happen that day at Lincolnway elementary, but i remember making the Rice Krispy treats after school the day prior to our trip. I remember that i was also doing volunteer work at the city school helping kindergartners learn their letters and going on field trips with them. I was busy. So shoot me. But I'm giving the pen pall idea another shot. My first letter was probably pretty darn boring. I didn't know what to talk about. The web site said to keep the letters happy and upbeat. any ideas for my next letter? What if my pen pal hates me? what if he thinks my penmanship stinks. He would be right about that. Actually the first line in my letter said "sorry about the handwriting". I would type my letters but that seems so much less friendly.

I saw a few lone spiders sniffing around the abandoned webs today. Whats up with that?

Here is where I will Shameless plug my friends website. If you love slap stick humor? Random videos and crazy stuff then please stop by and check out Mike and Stefan's website at bangboomcrash.com it's great. I would recommend not doing it at work I always end up on the floor from laughing so hard. My boss seems to have a bit of a problem with that, but who cares. check out the archived videos I love the lonely gorilla and driving wile being interrogated. funny stuff.

I love fall. But I hate the cold. Brrr. it's cold.

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