Sunday, October 12, 2008

The newish me

So I’ve decided that what I need in my life is a new attitude. Yes I know my wonderful friends (?) have told me this REPEATEDLY for the last few years. See why I question their wonderfulness now. Maybe not so much a new attitude as a new outlook on my life, but it sounds the same no matter how you try to pretty it up. I’m not always the most optimistic person. Well, that’s not fair. I’m optimistic for other people just not myself. Besides only a real jerk would agree with their friends when they say their life sucks. Aren’t I supposed to be optimistic for them? Maybe I use all my optimism on them. Yet another prime example of my selflessness I don’t understand what they are complaining about. Anywho. In order to start my new outlook/attitude I decided to get a new haircut. I’m taking small steps to being a better/ happier person. I’m happy to report the haircut is GREAT! I’m happy with it. I wanted it shorter and after chopping 7 inches off it’s…..well mathematically shorter. It’s cute and I’m glad I did it. The hairdresser or stylish, whatever she wants to be called, asked me repeatedly if I was sure. My response “I’m sure, it’s only hair it’ll grow back,” not like I was deciding between cake and pie, geez lady calm down. I think she was more nervous then me. So I chopped the hair and so far everyone seems to like it. My brother had some explicit things to say about it but I assured him my sexual orientation hadn’t changed. Dumb Ass. Maybe I should refer to him as dumb ass from now on.

My new hair cut.

The next step to my better/happier me is my weight lose plan. That should I guess technically be step 1 since I started that on Monday. After watching the biggest loser two weeks ago I put down my baconnator and decided to go back to doing weight watchers. You see weighing in at a metric ton isn’t my idea of fun anymore. So my BFF (sounds so high schoolish) and I are decided to do it together. We’ve both done it in the past (maybe we aren’t post children for long term commitment) and it worked great for us. I lost a third grader and she lost about the same if not more. She does much better then me, but I’m trying. Flash forward to today. I stopped at my parents to help my technically challenged mother print out pictures, she knows I’m doing ww, and she bought Maple Donuts. Here in the York County area they are considered made of GOLD! I thought “is she kidding me with this stuff, Maple yummy Donut goodness”. That’s like Eve, Adam and that damn apple. But I held strong and didn’t partake in the sugary chocolate filled yummy goodness that is Maple Donuts. Damn you donut makers and your awesome creation. Needless to say I’ll need to talk to my ww buddy about what to do when I’m confronted with sex in donut form. No really it’s just that good. I think my mom is out to keep plump and unhappy. She says she’s not, she also my biggest critic. She is so very discouragingly encouraging. I want to lose the weight just to shut her up, but then I’m sure it’ll be something else that needs to be fixed. My ww buddy is in Colorado and I’m here in the great common wealth of PA, so we give encouragement over the phone, my encouragement is lacking here. I’ll need to work on that. Step three starts tomorrow. I plan on hitting the gym up 3-4 times a week. I’m trying…really I am. Step four? I’m not sure what step 4 will be? I’m changing my look, my outlook on my body image and picking up a new hobby to get healthy (gym?) so what should step four be? Could speaking up for myself by punching a guy in the face that hurt my feelings be a good step four? I don’t know maybe step 4 should be control my anger towards other people. I’ll have to give this some thought.

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