Saturday, October 25, 2008

Assorted candy already nibbled on

It's rainy and gross here today in the great commonwealth of PA. It's Saturday but due to some stupid reasons, I'm here at my lovely place of employment! Hip hip Hooray! So since I'm stuck here. and it's raining. And I'm bored I decided to do a post about all the things I love in life. Here goes.
I love my cousins Jessica and Rebecca and my nephew Kanyon. But I don't think I'll have another sleepover with the 3 of them for awhile.

Martins Kettle cooked BBQ chips! Oh martins how I missed you when I lived far away from your yummy goodness. I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a decent chip. LAYS suck! Those aren't chips, those are thin semi-transparent cuts of a potato like substance. Screw you LAYS.

I love (incase you live under a rock) the STEELERS! more so I love TROY. How do you not love a guy that goes flying across the field like a missle. He rocks.

Ahh Myrtle Beach, SC., so MANY memories. So many memories. I heart MBSC!

I loved my time in Western PA. I'll never regret going to SRU. I had a blast while I was there. My heart belongs to Slippery Rock

I'm such a sucker for some good reality tv. Project Runway and Top Chef, I don't feel so guilty about because those shows have people with real talent. But I love The Hills, Rock of Love and all the Real World/Road Rules challenges.
Last but not LEAST my BEST FRIEND (until I ran this picture perhaps). I did however blur out her face so I think it's ok. Bubba I miss you!

So those are a few of the things I love.

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Kitty said...

thank you for the blurr... I love you too!