Monday, October 6, 2008

My love life isn't the only wreck in my life

My life is pretty much a disaster. If I can let them down, I've done it at some point. If I can fuck it up, I have. Good things don't happen to me. I never win the lottery, not even the scratch offs, I don't win raffles or give-a-ways. I just pretty much suck at most aspects of life. When the car gets inspected, they almost always find something wrong with it. When I'm sick as a dog my couch breaks and leaves me even me "hurt up". When i finally get a little money it never fails a huge bill arrives in the mail. When i think I've meant a guy who might actually like me for my mind, I'm yet again wrong. I'm just cursed. I wish this was the point where I said all that changed yesterday I've hit the lotto meant a great guy and am flying off to the D.R. to tie the knot and reproduce, but that is not my life. My life is a cold run down apartments, Sunday coupon clipping, cable free life. My life stinks. I had hoped for a fun relaxing weekend away with my friends in Buffalo, but sometimes what you hope for and what you get can be two completely different things. Sometimes what you get is an extension to your suck fest life.

My trip was over all fun. My friends took me to my favorite eats and introduced me to some other good places. I visited with my adopted Buffalo family who came bearing a gift, a TV. Now that sounds good right? fun weekend, good times with friends and family, a TV. My old TV 13 inches my new TV 27! I'm living large now. Well funny how things can change. I left Buffalo around 2 o'clock yesterday to start my long 6 hour drive home. About an hour into the drive my luck remembers hey she just got this TV and is a pretty good mood, we will have none of this and i get rear-ended by a Freightliner. That's right ladies and gentleman a Freightliner hit little old me in my plastic Saturn Vue. GOOD TIMES. Now lucky me we were going slow so there wasn't to much of an impact, but it still sucked. I was shaking and upset and it wasn't my fault.

Now if getting rear-ended wasn't bad enough let me explain this to you.
  1. I was alone
  2. I was in New York in an area I'm not at all familiar with
  3. i have never had an accident before and wasn't sure what all i should do
  4. the truck that hit me was from, you'll love this ONTARIO, CANADA
  5. The man was Indian (not the native variety) and I couldn't understand him very well

I don't ask for much in life. I nice place to live, enough money to pay all my bills each month, a man to love me, good sex on a regular bases, and that the people who I'm in accidents with be from the same COUNTRY as me and speak English. I don't think that's to much to ask for, but so far I'm 1-6 and it's only a decent place to live. My poor car. I'm still making payments on this thing. The damage doesn't look to bad but I'll need a whole new bumper and back door. FANTASTIC was getting a little tired of the old door. SILVER LINING maybe when if they replace the whole door I'll get a rear windshield wiper that actually works. Mine has never worked from the day I got it. It's been fixed 2 but NEVER works. Needless to say that really impedes my backwards driving when trying to allude villains and or police.

And the suck fest continues.

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