Friday, October 3, 2008

In from the BUFF

Isn't it great that blogging as allowed us the opportunity to write and correspond with millions of people without even leaving our home. We can do it in bed, the kitchen, or the living room. We can do it at night in the morning or while watching the today show. We can do from home, the coffee shop or even a hotel room. My favorite is doing it in the BUFF. Calm yourself I'm not talking the naked buff, I'm talking the Buffalo, New York BUFF. I can blog on the go about the exciting thins we are doing the fun places we are going. Today Soccer mom and I are off to the Buffalo Zoo, not in the buff naked sense. It's cold here, that would be crazy but I'm sure we would make the Channel 2 news here. Naked girls checking out Elephants that are checking us out.

My drive (all 6 hours of it) was great yesterday. no traffic not much hold up from construction. the leaves looked amazing. Yellow, orange, reds so pretty. I tried to capture a good picture to put on here of Fall in Northeastern PA, but alas I almost died, don't try to take pictures while driving. Not safe.

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Darcie said...

Welcome to my world! Blogging, that is. Not doing anything in the buff, Buffalo or otherwise. :)

I have a huge blogroll on my blog, I'd recommend Tanis, Slick, 1,000 Tiny Things I Hate.

The rest are mommy blogs, for the most part. Well, except for AJ, but her blog is more about being overweight and getting inside her head. Much more serious, I'm sure, than you'd want.

And I have seen Cake Wrecks before, good stuff!