Monday, October 27, 2008

I need a belt!

WHOA! Finally a sec to grab my late lunch/ tide me over till dinner meal. I’m famished. We’ve been so busy here on the dead desk, what with employee of the month off on vacation and Mama Bear off on bereavement, I swear I might lose my mind. First there’s no buffer for me and Golden Child, and after the first day I already want to strangle her with her bright orange scarf. DO NOT STRANGLE CO-WORKER WILL ONLY CAUSE MORE WORK FOR YOU! I need to keep reminding myself of that one. Second we have 170+ sheriff sales that need to be entered by next Thursday, legal notices, obits, and I still have to find time to throw together an expectable celebrations page for Sunday. Christ oh mighty. And while there’s always a chance for the golden child to take a break, eat her lunch, and read the paper. I have to pray the obits let up long enough for me to woof down my soup. I finally just caught myself up with everything but I have a ton of memoriams to put together before I leave today and I’m hoping to knock out some sheriff sales. Busy busy busy. I have no idea how we will get everything done without doing some OT and my boss would rather give away her unborn child and give us extra money. The only plus side is this EXCELLENT SOUP! It’s Progresso tomato rottini (or whatever), it’s great.
I’m pretty bummed out about Halloween. We have a costume party and parade at work and last year Golden Child, Mama Bear and myself were the 3 blind mice. It was great! We won for best group. This year we were all prepared to knock their socks off as a Barrel of monkey’s. Btu due to some unforeseen event’s (Mama Bears mama passed away Thursday) we have decided to forgo the idea, without our barrel we would just be a bunch of lost monkey’s. So now I’m idealess for a costume. I don’t think I’m dressing up anymore. And I don’t know if I’m going to any real Halloween parties either. Kinda sad. I can always bust out the cheap and lame cowgirl costume (me in jeans with a cowgirl hat). I don’t know. I’ll see. Well off to do sheriff sales (I feel like the scum of the earth doing sheriff sales). Sorry if you are losing your house.

I need a belt, started as an inside joke between myself and some college freinds. We saw and episode of Law and Order where a guy hung himself from the foot board of his bed with a belt. Whenever we were having a horrible time or happen to be really bored we would say "I need a belt" "does anyone have a belt" A belt would be great right now" ect. That way the other would know THIS SUCKS! WEll I need a belt!

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