Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creepy kids


I completely forgot that I wanted to stick up some pictures of my twin terror cousins. I hosted a Halloween party for the little kids in my family and assorted others. Yeah I just referred to the other kids as assorted like their a bunch of Hershey's bars. Jessica, Rebecca and my nephew Kanyon were the whole reason this lamo party was founded. This year marked our 3rd annual Halloween Fest. And it also marked the first time Jessica and Rebecca wouldn't be there. Now the twins are actually my second cousins, there mother Melissa is my cousin and one of my dearest most important friends. That being said God love her, she's a flack. She never returns calls and most of the time I want to give her a good hard kick in the rear. But she's family and I tell her EVERYTHING even the things she doesn't want to know. Even the things I tell everyone I never tell. I tell her. She's always been more like a big sister to me, be it an undependable big sister (but I'm used to that I have a real big brother that fits that) and I love her. I was so excited when she became pregnant with the twin terrors. I whine a lot about them, but their good kids. not great kids, but good. I hangout with them as often as i can. We have sleepovers, play dates, I even took them to their first movie, Ice Age II. I've never missed a birthday and I have ALBUMS devoted to them. Their mother's 8 years older then me, but I have so many memories of growing up with her. I want them to look back and remember all the fun shenanigans we got into. Between the terrors and my nephew I'm all kidded out. Those 3 are by far the best birth control I've found. Once I give them back I remember how unready I am for children. Well thankfully the girls did make it to the party. and leave it up to them to come as a DEAD BRIDE and a DEAD PROM QUEEN. Children after my own heart!

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