Thursday, October 16, 2008

Step 4 to a newish me

If you read the post earlier this week (I think sunday) where I talked about the newish me then you’ll be thrilled to know I’ve found my step 4. Controlling my anger towards other people was a good idea, but I’m not sure I’ve progressed that far yet. I’ve decided to stay on that path and after watching a special on the local news the other night I knew what to do. I searched the Internet for the right fit and found (fingers crossed) a site that seemed to provide me with what I was looking for. I’ve decided to participate in an adopt a solider program.

I just received the name and address for a solider and a list of things I can send in a care package. I’m really excited to be able to do something for them. My goal is to set some money aside each month so I’m able to send 1 box a month along with as many letters as my little tiny hand can write. I thought about typing my letters, which let’s be honest is the better idea my hand writing is horrific and my spelling isn’t much better, but I would rather have a good old fashion honest to god hand written letter. So that’s what I’ll send. It says you can give them your email address so they can email you so I’ll try that also and maybe a blog list for his reading enjoyment. So this my friends is step 4.

I was slightly concerned that all the sites reiterated the fact that they are NOT DATING SERVICES. Who does that? Who becomes a pen pal with a solider over seas in an attempt to find love? I would hope those kind of lonely individuals would just pen pal some random convict in the pen not a solider. People today I swear.

I’ve lost 2.5 lbs since I started working towards the newish me. And everyone likes the hair so I’m thrilled. I have a huge weekend of childish fun planned. Well one day of childish fun. I’m throwing Halloween party for my nephew and a few other kids tomorrow. I am not a parent, and much respect is given out to all the parents I know, but I like to have fun with the kids and see them smile. This will be the 3rd annual Halloween party and I’ve set the bar high. Unfortunately due to lack of enthusiasm from pretty much all the parents I almost canceled this year. That was until my 5-year-old nephew looked me in the face and said, “I can’t wait for the party! When is it? Can we have a piñata? Can we play pass the pumpkin. I didn’t like the gooey guessing game…..(and so on),” an suddenly the party was on. I can’t stand disappointing the kids, my family, my friends, strangers on the street no problem. But disappointing my nephew and his little friends, ouch that kills me. So I spent 2 ½ hours decorating today and still have a ton of work to do tomorrow before the slue of power rangers, star wars people, assorted princesses and witches trickle into the party. We have pin the nose on the pumpkin, pass the pumpkin (always a hit), the piñata, and a haunted trail. Good clean kiddy fun. Hopefully the party is a hit, even though I spent way less time preparing this year. I’ll try to have some photos up after for your viewing pleasure.


Sometimes Sophia said...

sounds like a fun party. where were you when I was five?

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

ohh i wanna come to the party! congrats on working ok a newish you!

rachael said...

i love that you are adopting a soldier! when i was lydia's room mom in 4th grade (maybe even 3rd) we made a care package for soldiers one christmas instead of having a party. some of the kids hated me, but that is why i thought it was important! some of the soldiers even sent letters back!