Monday, October 20, 2008

so far so good

The old me would have been a mean mess. The old me would have stared intently at the tv like the baseball game was mesmerizing. The old me would have said NOTHING until well after all the excitement passed and the offending “happy duo” left. But that was the old me. The new me, knew ahead of time what lied in wait behind the door and while I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it I knew how I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t let it be known that I was uncomfortable or pissed. I would act normal (as normal as I can) and not sit there stewing in self-pity and anger. I could have acted that way. It would’ve been completely justified, but I didn’t. I acted dare I say grown up. Well maybe not. Grown ups “should” confront the problem and talk about it. So I’m not that grown up. I prefer to ignore the problem and let my anger fester inside until I’m beating the crap out of a piƱata at a child’s party. But by no means would he know I was upset about it, not with her around.
Ready for the background story? Girl (me) likes guy. We have great no commitment fun even though girl is VERY AWARE she isn’t any good at no commitment situations. Girl stays over at guys house (repeatedly) and he talks all kinds of crazy things about how great she is and how he likes her but he’s bad at relationships and he knows that in the end he’s going to hurt her and he doesn’t want to do that but he’s sorry ahead of time. Girl is very confused. 2 weeks later girl comes home from trip to find out guy is now dating new girl. And I’m PISSED! He didn’t want a girlfriend and he’s not good at relationships? Really. Well new girlfriend came out of NOWHERE, he’s thrilled about dating her and she is there all the time at his place, at his job, just there. Hum? Interesting. So due to the fact that he lives with my friend’s boyfriend and we all hangout it was only a matter of time till I had to interact with him again, and with her. I handled it well. I wont lie I would have loved a nice stiff VODKA and cranberry, hold the cranberry, after seeing them Saturday night. Together. At his place. So happy. Oh Joy! We talked about the concert I had just gone to and other small talk. I did not at any point talk to her. I was proud of myself. Everyone says I should confront him, tell him I’m pissed, but there’s no way I’m doing that in front of the girlfriend. Or anyone else for that matter. I’m not that dramatic. And to showcase exactly how mature I am, the only thing I would’ve changed about the encounter would be I would’ve had an insanely hot and awesome guy with me, to show off. I don’t want him to think I’m sitting at home crying over Ben and Jerry’s (which I haven’t done). But honestly I doubt he even thinks about me and what a royal class jerk he was. Or maybe he does because he didn’t seem to thrilled when he saw the week I came home and found out about the gf. That’s the week he didn’t charge me for my drink at the bar. What a stand up guy, “sorry I kicked you the face have a free coke.” THANKS! I can totally overlook everything else now.

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