Friday, October 17, 2008

Party all the time

Well the party was a hit as it always is. I spent hours (literally) HOURS decorating, cleaning and setting up the haunted trail. Huge thanks to my brother (please jot this down somewhere it doesn't happen often) for coming over today and helping with the outside decorations and lights. I couldn't have done it without him. It was great having someone there to help me set up. My brother NEVER comes through for me but he did today. So Thanks Sparky! My favorite party of the night was the pinata. WE had 9 kids make it to the party and each got about 3 different chances to whack the skull. Each turn they had three good hits, and let's be honest I usually let them swing till they made contact at least 3 times. Well after about 15-20 minutes of whacking it but not breaking it I took a turn and knocked the candy guts out of that son of a bitch. It felt GREAT! They loved hot pumpkin. they loved it last year and I actually have to tell them No we can't play it for a 5Th time. If i had to listen to the Monster Mash one more time I was going to start mashing children. You would have thought they were watching sponge bob debate Hannah Montana those kids never took their eyes off the pumpkin. If they only concentrated that hard in school. the parents were thrilled not only did I SUGAR their kids up but I also gave each of them a pumpkin shaped whistle to take home. YOU'RE WELCOME! After the the game of hot pumpkin I called it quits on the games and set them out to the haunted trail. the trail consisted of a wagon ride around the graveyard where the gravedigger was waiting for his next body. Past the witch who was brewing skull soup, and around the ghost and flying goblin. Thanks to some of the parents who offered to hide and scare the kids. That was great, sorry about the whistle thing. My brother drove the tractor that pulled the wagon and those darn kids talked him into driving them around the trail 5 times. Nothing is better then hearing 9 kids screaming at the same time. Funny past each kid had an idea for me for next year. So I'm assuming there will be a party next year. They had a blast so it was worth all the work I did today. I only had one breakdown and that was after I went to 3 different stores looking for orange and black crape paper. I mean HELLO you should have a huge stock of that it's HALLOWEEN, HELLO! I couldn't leave the ceiling partially done. Sparky eith the trailer full of kids!

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