Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whatever happen to Rainbow Bright

The Prompts:

1.) They just don't make (fill in the blank) like they used to!
2.) If you had the time and money...what charity would you help raise awareness for?
3.) What are YOU giddy about?
4.)What's on YOUR little kids list?

5.)Describe what brought you closer to your faith

I don't know how parents do it. I've heard once you become a parent you are better at tuning out things like whining children, sibling bickering, and mind numbing cartoons. But i don't see how you do it. I'm writing on the first prompt this week.

They just don't make cartoons like they used to! My nephew loves tv. I think he watches WAY to much. But he's not my child so I hold my tongue, unless he's staying at my house. But once in a while I'll catch one of the so called "cartoons" he watches. I can't imagine putting some of this stuff on children's programming. Whatever happen to the good old cartoons that i watched when i was little. What happen to Care bears?
Those were some happy little guys. Well maybe not the blue one. The show was good clean humor and didn't hurt anyone. Not like it's 90's counterpart

Pokemon. First this cartoon doesn't even make sense. You have all these weird little creatures who speak weird and change shape and you fight all these people and in the end you fight again. What's the point.

Maybe my biggest bone of contention is with these delightful young role models

What is this poor little Asian girl wearing? Some type of Lingerie. with what looks like a garter belt. And we are marketing this to small children. FANTASTIC. This girls live up to their name and the cartoon is trash. you know what I watched when i was a little girl.That's right Strawberry Shortcake and the gang. And look at that, all full clothed. What a thought. I remember watching the smurfs, the snorkels, GI Joe, Jem and you learned something. It wasn't all mind numbing dribble. I watched a cartoon with my nephew, which i can't recall at this moment. But I'll describe it. It's about this boy who wants to be an adventure person and his pirate friend. They live in a whale and the cartoon consists of man boob jokes, and talk about getting girls to kiss you, and they even pinched some cartoons nipple in it. What the hell.

I'm not saying the cartoons from back when i was a child were all great. I'm sure people can find fault with the Rainbow Bright, GI Joe, He Man and all the rest. Sure they were violent. But at least there was a clear start and finish. At least they made sense. and at least they were appropriate for children.

They sure don't make cartoons like they used to.

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Dan said...

But you forgot the best cartoon ever - Bullwinkle and Rocky!

It has sophisticated enough writing to entertain adults and yet still keep kids enthralled. Who doesn't have fond memories of Natasha and Boris, Dudley DoRight and Nell, Sherman and the Way Back machine, etc.

Although I have to admit, the stars (Bullwinkle and Rocky) generally performed in the nude.

Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

I sooo agree with you. Now, I am from a different generation. I loved Flintstones and Jetsons. I let my kids watch Rainbow Brite, and my boys watched Thundercats, but they seemed tame compared to the ones now. And, though I believe in conserving our resources, many are forums for anti pollution superheros and they make most of us out to be polluting crazies. Oh how I miss Saturday mornings years ago!

Jeanette said...

Amen! I love this post. So, so true. I HATE brat dolls, nasty little things. And today's cartoons aren't much better. Sad.

Cathy said...

I agree 100%! I am the number Scooby Doo fan! They had villans but not like this creepy animae stuff.

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

You should go read my prompt... I agree with you 100% but took the family shows/sitcoms route in my complaint. Nice choice.

Jules said...

I love the Care Bears. But I have to make a little point for Pokemon: I think you learn to trust your friends, how important friendship is, what you can do when you stick together and keep the faith, how to succeed and still be friends with the ones who lost/won/whatever.

I think it's a great show. But like all the shows: Maybe you need a parent to sit with you through it and talking with you about it. Most of the parents nowadays don't take this time. And after that they complain about the trash children keep on watching. *coughcough*
Just my little piece of mind about the whole affair...