Monday, July 6, 2009

The smarter sex? *UPDATED*

I went to my friends for dinner. He had a new charcoal grill. After a few minor delays we got started


Dinner is 10 p.m. Please note in the photo it was DAY LIGHT when we started. Roughly 8:15 p.m. I got my yummy plate of chicken at around 10 p.m. It was a nice evening in the low to mid 70's with a slight breeze. The company was only moderately annoying. We bickered about the purpose of the vent on the grill lid and how to make the food cook faster. I of course was slightly more correct then the caveman in the picture. But he choose not to "hear" me when i spoke. nothing like sitting in the dark in the driveway watching food that is shielded by a lid cook. fun times. Sure wish we would have had some marshmallows.



Anonymous said...

A lot happened while that chicken cooked...What about when Ex-girlfriend called with the scam for me giving her $202? Oh OH, what about the conversation about Aunt Nancy's new home? On and on, there is so much more to cover here. I can't wait until tomorrow night I'm cooking something...

Cathy said...

LOL, Sorry I missed that one! Yeah, my first husband invited me over for a turkey he was cooking on a grill. Not only did it not get cooked but at about 12:30 that night I watched a bear run down his hill and grab the turkey off the grill! I didn't go to house for a cookout again. I fed us from then on.

Amy McMean said...

Dear "Anonymous", you aren't so anonymous when you leave detailed information about what was said. Maybe i shold amend my post.

Cathy~ I don't think i would have gone over again either. Who wants to be bear dinner.

Diane said...

Anonymous sounded a bit defensive... as cavement are wont to do when their fire-making (and using) abilities are challenged ;)

I did notice, however, that he was reading the directions! Or, perhaps, getting ready to burn them... to cook the chicken...?

At least you got to eat... and the chicken was yummy... and time spent with friends (even defensive anonymous ones) is always good!

Diane said...

And did you notice that I didn't make any of those juvenile comments about guy "friends" like people do on my blog... every friggin' time I mention a friend?

You're welcome :)