Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The letter C

This post comes to you form the Letter C. C for Cathy over at Whippoorwill Wood. She posted 10 honest things about herself, so I figured I could hop on that bandwagon. So thanks Cathy for helping me find something to post about today. I suggest you all swing over and check her out. She's a pretty cool lady. While I've never meant her, I feel like I have. She has like a Bazillion kids... You do. You have like a BAZILLION kids. And she is a quilter. Which I'm in awe of. I wish I could quilt. Kitty and I thought about it once, then we realized what an undertaken it would be and were very quickly discouraged....by ourselves. Maybe one day. Oh i know. Maybe one day Cathy I can come hangout with you and your BAZILLION fun kids and you can teach me how to quilt. I might be able to cut squares like the triplets. If I can't, I know the older girls and I could scope out hot guys together. :)

  1. I get embarrassed for people on TV. So embarrassed i have to change the channel or mute the tv, because somewhere in my mind i think it'll be less embarrassing for THEM if I can't hear it.
  2. If we are talking for an extended amount of time about something I'm not interested in I've usually tuned you out after the first 5 minutes, or I'm sitting there hoping the conversation will be over soon.
  3. I pick my nose.
  4. I have had longer conversations with myself then with real people these days. I talk to myself all the time at home. I've found I'm rather good at it.
  5. If you see me blogging, reading, watching TV, surfing the Internet, DO NOT approach me. I am physically incapable of doing two things at once. Trust me ladies, when your husband says he can't watch the game and listen to you at the same time, IT'S THE TRUTH!
  6. I find myself entering go nowhere relationships because I'm afraid of where the others might go.
  7. I'm more jealous then upset that my younger cousins (17 and 20) both have kids on the way. If anyone SHOULD be a parent it's me over them any day. Whats wrong with me.
  8. I would love to be more like Kitty and move across the country to try something, but I'm to afraid to leave YORK.
  9. I HATE calling people that I don't know. I have to work up the nerve to make phone calls to my doctor, customers, stores, anyplace. I hate it.
  10. I drink the left over olive juice.

So there's my idea of honest info about me.


Diane said...

Great list!! And THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!!! There is plenty of time for kids... trust me on this one. I had Ryan when I was 34 and sometimes I STILL think I was too young!! Fill up your life with interesting stuff now 'cause (and trust me on this one, too), after they do come along, you will totally OD on PBS and the Disney Channel; on diapers and baby food; and on talking about every little thing they do... and you will WISH you could take the time (and money) to do all the interesting things you USED to do (and you LONG to do)... and it lasts for a long, long time. A long, long time.

Cathy said...

I love your List! I agree with Diane above. I didn't have my first child until 30. Have your fun now because let me tell you now that Disney and Nick get old really fast. Love the olive juice!